Best Acrylic Tub Cleaner

After careful consideration and weeks of research, we get the best acrylic tub cleaner finally. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner is our top pick and we also added some other top quality acrylic bathtub cleaners.

Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners

Cleaning tub is easy if you know how. But, you should also choose best rated tub cleaner to clean your acrylic bathtub. Acrylic tubs are expensive so cleaning regularly will keep it glossy and attractive for long time.

You can use tub scrubber or other cleaning items to clean, but above all you should get the best cleaner for acrylic tub. Moreover, please check the cleaning manual added with the tub to make sure you are using similar type scrubber and cleaner.

Before anything, you should use natural home remedy to clean your tub. These remedies use natural products, therefore it comes with low to zero side effects. Moreover, your tub will become like new and more shiny after cleaning using home remedy. However, home remedy isn’t easy to make and more time consuming.

Some bathtub manufacturers add special instruction for cleaning along with installation manual. Moreover, it is always recommended to ask which type of cleaner you can use on your tub and which are better to avoid.

We have researched and reviewed a lot of tub and tile cleaners. Further, we interviewed real users and professionals for their opinion. Our Duly Reviewed team didn’t waste their effort to help you choose the best.

All the below listed top quality tub cleaners are safe to use on any type bathtub. Moreover, you can use them on bathroom tiles and other bathroom accessories like shower heads or shower panels. You can even clean your toilet exterior by these cleaners.

Acrylic Tub Cleaner Reviews

All the listed cleaners are top rated and leading tub cleaners on the market. Moreover, they have proven and highly encouraging reviews to follow. These manufacturers are reputable and doing cleaning business for a long time.

Some of these are natural cleaners and some others are chemical. But, none has any side effect for the tub or human cleaner. They are completely safe for your hand and others. Moreover, these cleaners do cleaning more efficiently than others.

These acrylic tub cleaners are best acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Therefore, if your corner tub or walk-in bathtub are acrylic made, you can clean them using this too. Moreover, these cleaners are good for cleaning tile floor and wall too.

Please thoroughly check all the listed tub cleaner below before picking any. In addition, if you any better than the list, please ask us to review and add them here. We added only the best acrylic tub cleaner here.

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

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Better Life was founded by two fathers, whose moto was performance and safety together above all. All their products maintain top quality and safety for users and products. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner is our best acrylic tub cleaner for superb cleaning and performance.

You can clean easily by spraying it on tub, tile, toilet seat, shower, sink, grout and other places on bathroom you want to clean. After spraying, you should just scrub and after that just rinse clean.

However, you can’t use Better Life Natural Cleaner cleaner on wood, granite, brass or marble surfaces. That is to say, it is better to check on small surface first before using.

Better Life Cleaner is great on acrylic bathtub and other ceramic made bathroom accessories. But you can use it on kitchen and other household accessories too. Be safe and always easy and simple cleaning.

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover/Bathroom Cleaner

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover Bathroom Cleaner

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Looking for a hardcore soap scum remover and quick tub cleaner? Then we suggest the Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Bathroom Cleaner. Moreover it is useful for all types of cleaning and scum removing.

Whether you have scum on glass door, tub, fiberglass tub, toilet seat, porcelain tub or bowl or sink, chrome, marble, synthetic material, vinyl, plastic, stainless steel etc certainly it will clean them all.

If the shower door has fogged soap scum, Bucko Soap Scum Remover will clean that certainly. Moreover, easy cleaning for boats long lasting scum and grime similarly for cars too.

Its better to avoid using it on wooden and painted surface, natural marble and brass surface and colored grout surface. During cleaning, avoid those however you should check the user manual first. In addition, use this with Homitt power scrubber to get better result.

Above all, Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover is good for soap scum and grime. However it will not work on iron stain or rust or hard soap scum that needs scrubbing. Make sure you know what you are doing consequently you will get what you want.

Good Green Cleaner Starter Set (Bathroom Tub & Tile Cleaner)

Good Green Cleaner Starter Set Bathroom Tub & Tile Cleaner

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Another good quality cleaner is the Good Green Cleaner Starter Set. Most importantly, it comes as a set not just as a cleaner only. Likewise, reusable bottle, flip top, concentrate cap and spray nozzle makes the complete set.

Good Green Cleaner’s Bathroom Tub & Tile Cleaner is a mild Bio-Acid cleaner moreover has superior cleaning percentage. In addition, it is good for beginner cleaners. Soft and safe for skin however you should clean your hands immediately to be on the safe side.

This tub and tile cleaner is good for porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, stainless steel tubs in addition with toilets and toilet seats, sinks, counters, faucets, tile wall and floor.

Certainly, Good Green Cleaner will clean soap scum and stain moreover, it will whiten the grouts. This green tub and bathroom cleaner works really well and the result is beyond imagination.

Don Aslett’s Tub n Tile Concentrate

Don Asletts Tub n Tile Concentrate

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Don Aslett is a common name in the cleaning market and their Tub n Tile Concentrate has amazing record for swift and glossy cleaning. Moreover, it produces no bad fumes or odors after cleaning.

Certainly, Don Aslett’s Tub n Tile Concentrate is environment friendly however you shouldn’t mix it with bleach during cleaning process. The concentrate is good for 7.56 liter water.

In other words, this one pack is good for whole house cleaning. Just spray the cleaner on the tub, tile, sink, toilet or other places and wait a few minutes, meanwhile this will do the cleaning.

That is to say, it is a fast cleaner moreover after washing the cleaner, it will say there for more days to come. In other words, you don’t need to clean daily, cleaning once a week is enough with this cleaner.

CLR PB-BATH-32PRO Multi Purpose Daily Bath Cleaner

CLR PB-BATH-32PRO Multi Purpose Daily Bath Cleaner

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CLR PB-BATH-32PRO Multi Purpose Daily Bath Cleaner is our next pick as top rated acrylic bathtub cleaner. This is the best tub and bathroom cleaner however but as a specific acrylic bathtub cleaner it competes with others.

CLR PB-BATH-32PRO cleaner is biodegradable and 100% safe for septic systems. It cleans soap scum, calcium buildup, grime, hard water stains and more pretty quickly moreover it makes cleaning fun and easy.

This cleaner works fine on all types of bathroom accessories and kitchen accessories however tub and similar product cleaning its specialty. CLR PB-BATH-32PRO cleaner has superior cleaning ingredients too.

CLR PB-BATH-32PRO is made in USA. Moreover, it has EPA certification. In other words, it is safe for your skin and yourself however full body cleaning is recommended after using this cleaner.

Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner

Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner

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If you have whirlpool bathtub then you can’t use regular tub cleaners. You should use special jetted tub cleaner to clean the tub and for that purpose we introduce the Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner.

Oh Yuk Cleaner keeps you bathtub clean and safe. It easily eliminates rust and black flakes from the hydro and massage jets of your tub. Both scientific and practical researches proves its worthiness.

Less time consuming than regular jetted bathtub cleaner that is to say, it takes roughly 15 minutes to clean. This cleaner is septic safe moreover 1 bottle of this enough for 4 times cleaning.

Firstly, fill your tub with hot water, secondly, use 4 ounce cleaner. Run the jets and keep running for 15 minutes. After that, drain the whole tub. Use regular cleaner and disposable wash towel to wipe the Yuk. In conclusion, you will get a good clean jetted tub.

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover Non-Toxic Non-Abrasive Cleaning Formula

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover Non-Toxic Non-Abrasive Cleaning Formula

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Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover is non toxic in addition odor or fragrance free. This high quality cleaner is made in the US moreover its good for all types of bathtubs.

It works fine on fiberglass, porcelain, plastic, glass, natural stone, ceramic tile and chrome, however it works better on acrylic made products. Safe and septic free for the users.

Really simple to use, that is to say just spray it on the tub and then rinse. Rejuvenate cleaner gets many awards for being superior quality cleaner. It works perfectly on hard water too.

Cleaning the whole bathroom and shower in addition with bathtub is fine with it. It can clean scum, grime on stainless steel bathroom accessories with ease.

Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio Clean Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

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As a hardcore commercial, industrial and regular cleaner, Bio Clean cleaner has a reputation that differs it from others. Cleaning mildew, stains, spots, grime, rust and mold is simple for this.

Unwanted hard minerals are nothing to this cleaner. Rust, limescale and hard water is easy to clean for Bio Clean cleaner. Whether the rust is new or years long, fear not it will clean it completely.

This eco friendly cleaner has Biodegradable formula, in other words it makes no bad odor or harmful smell or fumes. It is safe for the products it used on as well the users.

Bio Clean works on the different materials made bathtubs however it works great on shower glass, shower stalls, shower doors, car windshields, autos, glass windows, regular glass, BBQ, oven, chrome, room and bathroom tile, toilets, base granite, regular steel, fiberglass, swimming pools, stone, metals, sinks, marble, boats, brass, porcelain, corian, hard vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic too.

AmazonBasics Professional All-Purpose Cleaner

AmazonBasics Professional All-Purpose Cleaner

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AmazonBasics Professional All-Purpose Cleaner is a great and one of the best acrylic tub cleaners. The pack is consist of 4 packs where each pack contains 1 gallon of high performing cleaner.

It works fine on all water washable products, accessories and surfaces however it is better for bathtubs, showers, bathroom floors, home floors, glass, stainless steel, polymar products, glass etc.

Most importantly AmazonBasics All-Purpose Cleaner doesn’t contain any inorganic phosphates or butyl in order to ensure no-harm to the tile or glass surfaces. Moreover it works great on hard water stains.

This cleaner removes grime, tough dirts, lifts and traps easily and swiftly without leaving any trace. Please use 1:20 – 1:64 dilution ratio along with sponge or spray bottle, bucket and all purpose mop.

Shower Power – Powerful Bathroom Cleaner From Concentrate – Tub and Shower Cleaner

Empire Cleaning Supply Shower Power Powerful Bathroom Cleaner From Concentrate Tub and Shower Cleaner

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As the best acrylic bathtub cleaner, it is good for cleaning whole shower, bathtub and bathroom. Moreover it works superbly on toilet bowl too. In other words, you can just use this all purpose cleaner for your whole bathroom.

Lime, grime, rust, hard water, soap scum are no match for this top rated all purpose tub cleaner. The cleaner comes as concentrated cleaner and you should add water to make it works.

Use 80% water along with 20% concentrated cleaner to make the best mix and use it anywhere you want. The whole pack size is 1 quart, enough for several times cleaning of your bathroom.

Beware of using on porous surfaces for instance formica surface. It is highly recommended, that you use this cleaner on small surface first time and if there is no reaction, then use it on all over the places.

Jelmar PB-BK-2000 CLR Fresh Scent Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

Jelmar PB-BK-2000 CLR Fresh Scent Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

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Looking for a cleaner that you can use everyday? Therefore we present the Jelmar PB-BK-2000 Bath Cleaner. Jelmar is a multi-purpose cleaner and you can use it daily without being concern with safe being of the bathtub surface.

It works perfectly on stain, rust, calcium deposits, lime, grime, hard water and other types of stains. This bathtub cleaner uses Biodegradable formula to ensure fresh and pleasing scent.

Jelmar Bath Cleaner is made in the US from collected superior ingredients. Moreover it has EPA certification for safer choice for the users. In addition this cleaner contains no phosphates or bleach or ammonia.

The package contains 2 packs of cleaner bottles. Further, each Trigger Spray Bottle contains 26 ounce of fresh cleaner. User manual contains all detailed information and how to use it.

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol

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In search of the best acrylic aerosol tub cleaner, we stumble upon many cleaners. After that, we pick Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol as our best pick as aerosol cleaner.

The pack contains 2 aerosol sprayers where each sprayer contains 20 ounces of cleaning liquid. Although, it is a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner however it is most suitable for tough grime on the bathtub or bathroom.

This cleaner has pleasuring smell and cleans all types of soap scums. Its rainshower and citrus scent will remove bad odor from your bathroom. Penetrate odd places there you can’t easily reach.

Best for acrylic tub, stainless steel tub, jetted tub, shower heads, shower curtains, shower walls, chrome fixtures, vinyl, inflatable tub, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain and other cleanings.

Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant

Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser and Disinfectant

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Having problem with long lasting hard to remove stain and calcium deposits? Then please try Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner. It removes all stains and scums from your loving bathtub.

You don’t have to buy different cleaners for different purposes. This single cleaner will degrease, remove stains, control mildew and mold, disinfect, deodorize and clean your whole bathroom.

Its great for killing bacteria and viruses, only takes 45 seconds. No need to prepare the cleaner, just use it as you want and it works quickly.

Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner works fine with bathtub, whirlpool bathtub, drop-in tub wall, engines, plastic, tools, tires, rubber, vinyl, sinks, showers, concrete walls and ceiling.

Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner

Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner

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Jetted tubs are not easy to clean. Regular cleaners can harm the jets or not able to clean jets properly. As a result, you need the best acrylic tub cleaner for jetted tub for this.

Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner is great for both hot tub and jetted tubs. It works great on inflatable bathtub and hot tubs too. This cleaner improves the hot tub water quality in addition purity.

Oh Yuk removes contaminants easily moreover increase the filtration subsequently increases the longevity of your tub and accessories. It decreases foaming and chemical usage further cleaning Nasty Residues. The whole bottle contains 16 ounces of cleaner enough for cleaning your tub more than 2 times.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying an acrylic bathtub, you should know about the cleaner and cleaning process. Because, without regular cleaning and maintenance the glossy and shiny tub will become a rusty and dirty bathtub within a few months.

So, before starting about the features of the best acrylic tub cleaner, we will talk about the base material acrylic and how the tub made from the material. After that, we discuss about the regular and common tub cleaning issues and how to prevent them.

So, What is Acrylic?

Before knowing about the cleaning process, you must first know about the material. Acrylic is a thermoplastic. It is made from acrylic acid or methacrylic acid or similar type compounds.

The end products can vary in different types materials. Usually, acrylic sheets are the base materials to manufacture the tub. This sheet is stiff, strong and sturdy and usually don’t mix with other materials.

Around the temperature 300°F to 350°F, the sheet becomes soft like liquid. After that, on a fiberglass frame the acrylic material will be used to give a shape for the tub. Then, the tub will get the perfect form of a bathtub.

The overall finish after forming tub shape is super glossy and smooth. Moreover, the tub has better resistance to harmful substance to guarantee long service life while retaining overall shine and color.

Grime and dirt can’t build on it and the material has heat retaining feature. Therefore, while bathing in the tub with hot water, the water will retain heat longer than other type bathtubs.

The problem with acrylic tubs is that it can get damaged pretty easily without proper maintenance and care. Powerful cleaning solvents are the main enemy of it. The solvents can damage the tub surface and produce cracks, scratches, chips, discolor or disfigures.

Usually, powerful solvents or cleaning chemicals attack the acrylic tub on the molecular level. Thus creates the cracks and scratches. Moreover, the binding polymer chain of the material will get dissolved. That will result in permanent quality degradation and physical damage.

Any cleaner made of acetone, ammonia or excessive chlorine in the water, carbon tetrachloride and other harmful solvents must be avoided. Please always use specifically manufactured acrylic cleaner to clean the tub. Always drain the tub after use and make sure no soap scum on it.

Common Cleaning Situations

There are many situations may occur if you neglect to clean regularly and properly. Moreover, without regular maintenance, surely acrylic tubs will lose shine, glossiness along with smoothness.

We have listed all the common issues and problems with acrylic bathtub. The causes can be improper maintenance or harmful cleaning solvents. We also try to solve these situations accordingly.


Scratches are common problem with acrylic bathtub and it may cause for using strong solvents or abrasive cleaners. Please don’t use cleaning pad or sponge to clean the scratches like the cleaning dish. It will cause excessive harms to the tub.

Use soft clothes or dedicated acrylic tub scrubbers to clean the scratches. This way no harm will happen and the tub will retain its original shape and smooth surface. Moreover, don’t ever use abrasive cleaner again.


Cleaning solvents are the main cause hazy finish and you must be prepared for it if you ever use strong and harmful solvent cleaners. The solvent will ruin the smooth texture of the tub surface and many small and uneven scratches will form on the bathtub surface.

There is no guaranteed ways to solve this problem. You have to prevent it from ever happening. Avoid any type of solvent including bleach. Ask the manufacturer recommendation to choose the best acrylic tub cleaner for them.


Its a common problem for older acrylic tub. However, newer tubs can get discoloration problem for lacking of care and maintenance. The main cause for this is oil residue and smoking while bathing.

The tub gets yellowish color and lose glossiness. To prevent this, you should avoid smoking in the bathroom and while bathing. Moreover, you must drain and clean the tub completely after taking a bath. Even if you don’t take a bath regularly, don’t forget to clean the tub once a week at least.

Soap Scum

Using soap in the tub is natural part of bathing. However leaving the scum on the tub after bathing may cause severe problems in the future. Wash the soap scum along with whole tub and drain the tub properly. Make sure no scum left on the tub surface.

Hard Water

Minerals in the water will cause stains on the tub surface. Many regions have hard water problem. Cleaning the tub regularly may solve initial stain build up. However, you should install a whole house water filter if your region has hard water problem. To remove the stain, use acidic tub cleaner.

Chips and Cracks

If you don’t solve the initial stage scratch and hazy problem then the next stage will be crack and chips. Continuous use of cleaning solvents is the main cause of it. Therefore, avoid using strong solvents all the time. Because, if chips or cracks show up, that is the last stage of your precious bathtub service life. There will be nothing you can to save the tub.

End Words

The process to choose the best acrylic tub cleaner may vary person to person based on their own circumstances. However, one thing is clear. Everyone needs the best to have better result cleaning the tub.

In addition, consulting with a professional or with the manufacturers are highly recommended. They have show you the right way and guide you to the most reasonable direction to get the optimal result.

Best acrylic tub cleaner for someone else may not be a good pick for your own unique condition. Therefore, make sure you get the right cleaner for the right type of bathtub for right causes.