Best Corner Tubs

Weeks of research and reviewing different products finally, we get our best corner tub. Interviewing regular users and tub installation experts, we choose Symbolic Spas Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Corner Bathtub as our top pick corner whirlpool tub.

What is a Corner Tub

A corner tub is a type of bathtub, that is shaped or designed to fit in your bathroom corner. Whether you have small or large bathroom, a corner bathtub will utilize your bathroom floor space fully.

It will save a lot of space meanwhile adding spa and soaking satisfaction. In addition, it will improve your bathroom’s look and style thousands fold. Corner bathtubs perfectly fit with spacious or tiny or straight or angled sized bathrooms.

In other words, it will fit with all sized bathroom while maximizing its stylish look and overall appeal. Usually, corner bath tubs have triangular or pentagonal shape however other shapes and designs are also available.

Most corner bathtubs are equipped with back rests, deck areas, ledges and armrests. Some tubs offer soaking baths only but there are some others equipped with chromatherapy systems, dual massage systems, air jets or whirlpool.

Usually, corner tubs are made of cast iron, fiberglass or acrylic. Regular corner bathtubs has a dimension of 48″ X 48″ or 60″ X 60″ with a depth of 20″ to 28″. However, other sizes are also accessible on the market.

Pros and Cons

Before making the decision of buying you should know about the pros and cons of corner tubs. For instance, it has both pros and cons like all other types of bathtub. So, you should learn about its advantages and disadvantages before choosing this tub.


  • Corner tub will free your bathroom space. So, you can arrange everything in your bathroom perfectly and enough space in the center will be available.
  • It uses less space comparing other freestanding tubs. This tub may be bigger but after setting in the corner it will take less space.
  • Dead or angled space will be fully utilized.
  • Usually frees more deck space than others.
  • You can choose from a lot designs, styles, shapes and sizes.
  • This tub will visually improve your bathrooms looks and conventional design.
  • It will free enough space to set a separate shower in your bathroom.
  • Good for relaxing soaking bath.
  • Whirlpool corner bathtubs has dual massage and chromatherapy systems.


  • Cleaning the corner sides is difficult after installing the tub.
  • Sometimes the overall size is more than enough for your bathroom.
  • Entering and exiting can be difficult based on different sizes and shapes.
  • These tubs are often expensive comparing other regular acrylic bathtub.
  • This isn’t a walk-in tub, so physically challenged people can have difficulty using this tub.

Best Rated Corner Bathtub Reviews

So, how to get the perfect fit corner bathtub? It may seem a simple question but the answer isn’t as it seems. There are certain conditions a corner tub must satisfy before even considering it.

Firstly, you must make sure you need a corner bathtub. This type bathtubs are expensive moreover installing and maintaining require extra care than regular type tubs.

Secondly, check your current bathroom condition and make sure it has enough space and setting to set a corner bathtub into it. Otherwise, you have to renovate the whole bathroom to install it.

These tubs are luxury products and only a handful of reputed tub manufacturers manufacture this type tubs. In other words, you will get only high quality products.

In addition, those manufacturer can recommend you the perfect size and fittings tub based on your requirements and bathroom size. They can also help you choose the features you need with your tub.

Finally and most importantly, you should think about your budget. Above all most corner whirlpool bathtubs have an average price of $2000. After checking all your requirements and budget, you can finally buy the best corner bathtub.

There are mainly two types of corner bathtubs. One is corner whirlpool bathtub and another is corner soaking bathtub. Whirlpool tubs have whirlpool jets installed for SPA and massage however soaking tubs have only soaking height.

Moreover soaking tubs are less expensive too. We have categorized both types of tubs in order to provide detailed insight further easing your search and concern for finding the top rated corner bathtub.

Corner Whirlpool Tubs

Symbolic Spas Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Corner Bathtub

Symbolic Spas 2 Person Whirlpool Massage Hydrotherapy White Corner Bathtub

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Symbolic Spas Corner Bathtub will add modern style and gorgeous look in your previously built bathroom. In addition, it has greater capacity and space for 2 person hydrotherapy whirlpool massage SPA.

Moreover, this tub has 6 back jets, 6 massage jets and 13 air jets with 250 Watt pump. The water jet pump power is 1 HP or 750 Watt enough for pure jetted tub massage and SPA.

Symbolic Spas tub comes with LCD control panel and remote control further increase the ease of operating it. Adjustable thermostatic tub faucet has ozone water cleaner to supply pure and clean water.

Moreover, it comes with shower wand so you can have both soaking massage bath with shower feels at the same time. Further, it has bluetooth, FM radio and speaker and that will help you have relaxing bath.

The package comes with padded soft waterproof pillow for 2 person and water heater. In addition, underwater LED lighting ensures luxury soothing bath. However, the inline water heater will only keep the tub water warm but will not heat the cold water.

Symbolic Spas tub is 71 inch long, 47 inch wide and 26 inch high. That is to say, it is more than enough space for 2 person corner bathtub. This tub is made of 3 layer fiberglass, acrylic and ABS.

This tub requires 110 V and 30 A current. Symbolic Spas corner bathtub has 3 years tub warranty however the electric parts and accessories has 1 year warranty only. Moreover, cleaning is easy and effective with Homitt scrubber.

Ariel AM156JDTSZ Bath Whirlpool Tub 2 Person Pentagon Corner

Ariel AM156JDTSZ Bath Whirlpool Tub

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Ariel AM156JDTSZ is another top rated corner bathtub however it doesn’t have regular triangular design or shape. It has unique pentagon shape that is to say, this shape increases your whole bathroom’s feel and attractiveness.

This is a 2 person corner whirlpool bathtub and its size is 59 inch long, 59 inch wide and 24 inch high. Similarly, the inner space is enough to accommodate 2 person too.

Ariel AM156JDTSZ comes with 22 whirlpool jets and certainly, 22 is enough for providing most relaxing whirlpool bath. Moreover this tub has handheld shower head included to get shower feel while having massaging bath in the tub.

Digital control panel will help you adjust the jet water flow to set perfectly. For instance, if you want low or high water speed, you can easily change the settings by the control panel.

Moreover, this tub has built in waterfall type bathtub filler in addition with chroma therapy lighting. It has 2 cushioned headrests comes with package therefore you will get relaxing and comfortable sitting experience.

You will need 110 V power source to operate with exquisite corner bathtub. There is no defined warranty for this tub, therefore you must ask the vendor for specific warranty before buying this best corner whirlpool tub.

Corner Soaking Tubs

KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner bath

KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner bath

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Are you looking for the best corner soaking bathtub without whirlpool water jets? Then we find perfect fit tub for you and that is to say, KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner bath is that tub.

This tub 54 inch long and wide where the height of the tub is 20.5 inch. Certainly, this dimension is enough for high quality soothing soaking bath. This white tub is perfectly fit for your small or large sized bathroom.

KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner acrylic bathtub is good for two person soaking bath however it is not too large for single person. Using regular acrylic tub cleaner you can easily clean this tub.

Just get a cleaner and scrubber, and clean it regularly. You have to drop in into the tub so if you are looking for corner soaking tub walk in facility then this tub isn’t for you.

This ProFlex artistic corner soaking bathtub comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Moreover it’s water capacity is 60 gallon. Above all, as a simple soaking tub, it is one of a kind.

Jacuzzi J5D6060 BCX XXX Signature 60″ Corner Soaking Bathtub

Jacuzzi J5D6060 BCX XXX Signature 60 Corner Soaking Bathtub

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Jacuzzi J5D6060 BCX XXX Signature is a top class corner bathtub. Jacuzzi is popular bathroom products manufacturer, similarly this tub is also has highest quality like all their products.

Though, this tub only has soaking option however it is built with Jacuzzi technology. And this will ensure top class satisfaction and the best soaking bath experience and satisfaction.

This acrylic bathtub has center drain and glossy white color. Cleaning and maintaining this corner tub super easy and simple. It comes with 3 inch deck like standard bathtubs.

The overall dimension is 60″ x 60″ x 22″ however the inner length and width is 48″ x 39″. Moreover the overflow height is 17.5 inch. Jacuzzi J5D6060 Signature has durable construction.

This acrylic corner soaking bathtub is glossy and highly comfortable for users. It is best for one person furthermore it has enough space for 2 person soaking bath.

End Words

Having a corner bathtub will always help you increase your bathroom’s appeal and style. Moreover, this tub will utilize your bathroom space to the fullest while ensuring better look.

Corner tubs are expensive and require smooth care. In addition, you will need proper installation expert’s help to install and set it perfectly. Therefore, we suggest you to consider all options before buying this tub.

Research well and get friends and family opinion who already own a corner tub. You should also consult with experienced plumbers or tub installation experts for their recommendations. Only then you can find and buy the best corner tub available on the market.