Best Shower Panel Reviews

Having a pleasing shower always comes with a catch. To get the most enjoyable shower you need the best shower panel with most functions. Therefore our top pick is the AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System.

When we need a shower? How often should I have a shower? How long can I stay in a shower? Many other questions arise however we must think about the main cause. In other words why we need a shower?

There are many reasons but the most common causes are cleaning full body or removing extra stresses. Above all, we need a shower to enjoy and relaxing ourselves. Having a pleasing shower will ensure peace of mind and body. Moreover, it makes you feel better.

That is to say, you will rekindle your energy level fully in addition having clearer body and mind. After work or before sleeping, taking a complete shower make your leisure time or sleep more enjoyable.

So, how can we get a complete enjoyable and pleasuring shower. There are different types of shower heads and options and functions. So, how can we pick one? We may need different types of shower heads installed.

If we want most popular types installed separately, it will increase the cost. In addition, it will make take more spaces than your bathroom have. Therefore, we need a system that comes with all the options and functions together.

Shower panel or tower panel is the best solution for that. For instance, shower tower panel usually have 4-6 types of shower heads and functions installed. Moreover it takes equal space like a shower head. In addition, it is less costly or cheaper.

Best Shower Panel Reviews

Finding the best one is always the hard part. Firstly, you must have all your requirements listed. In addition, you should keep your budget and bathroom size in mind. Moreover, keep the installation and operating cost in mind too.

However, you must know that top quality comes with higher costs. Above all, you need a shower tower panel that will give you most enjoyable and relaxing shower for many years. Similarly, the panel must have low maintenance and installation cost.

Therefore, we have listed many top quality and best rated shower tower panels below. Further, we always update our list with newer and updated products. Meanwhile check these listed panels and cross check these with your requirements. After that, you will get the best shower panel within your budget that fulfills all your requirements.

Our Top Pick

AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System

AKDY 52 Inch

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After a lot of research and careful considerations we finally decide that AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function shower tower panel system is our top pick. Moreover it has fewer customer complains than other competing models.

All its functions work independently. In other words, if you use 2 or more functions at a time, the water pressure will not reduce. That means, you will get full working functionality without having any problem.

This shower uses a lot of water. Usually, you will need a strong and stable water supply. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallon per minute or GPM. Therefore, if you are living in New York, California and Colorado, then it is not for you.

Higher water flow means steady and higher water pressure. That is to say, it will take less effort to wash and clean your body of shampoo and soap. In addition, you will have soothing shower with pleasant feelings.

Installing this tower panel is easy and you can connect it with your standard water connection. However, it comes with a catch. You have to install a flow restrictor with it. On the other hand, you will get more than you want from this shower system.


The handheld shower head comes with 4 different functions. That means you will get different water flow and pressure while interchanging the handheld shower settings. This whole system comes with waterfall shower head function.

AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet is made of tempered glass but it is sturdy and durable like stainless steel made body. 8 body spray jets works at a time with higher water pressure to make you feel under strong water flow. Further, these jets are adjustable. As a result you can set these jets according to your preferable water pressure.

The 10 inch rain shower head has 100 silicon nozzles and you will get most refreshing shower you need under it. Moreover, you can adjust the rainfall shower head like the spray jets. For instance, you can have high pressure or low pressure rain shower as you want.

The bottom tub spout helps you wash your leg or pet. In addition it has temperature display along with cUPC certification. So, you will get your heavenly shower every time you want. Finally, we are really glad to choose this as the best shower panel and our top pick.

Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M Shower Tower Panel

Blue Ocean 52

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Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M is our second pick. Both our top pick and second pick has similar design and features. In other words, mostly they are similar but have two main differences.

Blue Ocean has 1 year manufacturer warranty where AKDY doesn’t have any defined warranty so you should ask the vendor for warranty information. The other difference is, Blue Ocean uses less water than AKDY.

Therefore, you can use Blue Ocean shower tower panel in the states like New York, California and Colorado where use of AKDY 2.5 GPM shower panel is restricted. Moreover, they have different color combination and tempered glass design.

Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA392M is 52 inch long and has 5mm tempered glass in-front of the Aluminum body. A 10″ rain shower head with high speed 100 silicon nozzles. These provide soothing and smooth rain shower feel and comfort. Meanwhile, you can adjust the water flow as you need.

The muiti-functional handheld shower comes with 4 settings and you will get waterfall function among the functions. The stainless steel body frame and blue colored glass makes it sturdy and stylish.

If the rain shower provides great shower, then the 8 nozzles provide smooth and effective body message. Moreover, these nozzles have adjustable water flow controlling functions. All the showering options work independently.

So, you can have rain shower while getting body massage by the 8 nozzles simultaneously. Works fine with standard 1/2″ water pipes and hot/cold water hose connects with different points. This best quality shower panel requires water pressure between 28-72 psi.

In addition, it has AA battery powered temperature display. Blue Ocean SPA392M is high quality shower panel and around 500 customer reviews declares its credibility and high performance.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower System

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65

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Our third pick is the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ SP0056 Shower Waterfall Rainfall Panel. This package comes with all necessary accessories. Moreover, it works finely with general water pipe settings.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ SP0056 has many modes and all these are amazing features. For instance, the overhead outlet produces waterfall. Moreover, the rain shower nozzles produce high pressure spray water similarly.

It comes with 50 water spraying silicon nozzles. In addition both waterfall and spray option can work simultaneously. Further, this panel has hand shower installed. So, you can have flexible shower. For example, you can wash places hard to reach using the hand shower.

This stainless steel made shower has glossy brushed color and highly durable. However, you should be careful while installing this wall mounted panel. In other words, read the installation manual carefully and if necessary hire professional to install it.

Perfetto Kitchen shower tower panel has pre-determined water pressure requirements. It needs water pressure between 29 PSI to 72.7 PSI. Therefore, check your water connection’s pressure level before deciding to buy it. After that cleaning and having it shiny all the time, you require high quality Homitt scrubber.

In addition, it is chrome plated. Along with brass 60 inches hose. Whole system works with standard connection and plumbing lines. Six massaging nozzles produce high pressure water jet to massage your full body. You can have both the waterfall and body massaging functions run at the same time.

Perfetto Kitchen shower panel is cUPC Certified for USA and Canada. In addition, the whole package comes with 1 year parts warranty. The warranty will be active from the purchasing day. Above all, most users are perfectly satisfied with the performance of this best rated shower panel.

ELLO&ALLO 6-Function Shower Panel


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Want to have LED lighting along with your shower system? Therefore, our pick is the ELLO&ALLO 6-Function LED Shower Panel. It has all the amazing features of a tower shower system. Similarly, it has high quality and service reviews.

ELLO&ALLO 6-Function Shower system is made of high quality stainless steel with composite material made body armor. After that, all functions work really fine. Moreover, you can run and control any two functions at a time.

Above all, this tower panel comes with 6 amazing functions (waterfall, rainfall, 2 settings message spray, hand shower and bottom water sprout). This wall mounted shower panel has brushed nickel and SUS304 Stainless Steel style finish and fingerprint proof.

The faucets are durable and made of high quality Brass. However, the hand shower materials are PVD Plating and Plastics ABS. Therefore, you can use it extensively without worrying about its durability.

Hand shower comes with 59 inch chrome plated stainless steel hose to ensure longevity. Moreover, the hand shower has 3 settings or features. In other words, you can control the water flow of the hand shower as required.

Getting power mist message from the 4 adjustable nozzles of 2 settings message jets is simple. In addition, message jets will work simultaneously with hand shower. Meanwhile, you can wash your feet or fill the bucket using the bottom tub spout.

LED lighting with the waterfall and rainfall shower makes the whole showering experience heavenly and more attractive. During the shower you can get body message as well. Also, you can check the water temperature with the built-in temperature display during shower.

The whole shower panel comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty. This 59″ shower system panel is simple to install moreover, standard water supply connections and water pressure work finely.

Happybuy Shower Panel Tower System

Happybuy Shower Panel

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Looking for a glossy finished, robust rain shower head shower panel system, then Happybuy Shower Panel Tower System is the best for you. On the other hand, it has waterfall function added with the rainfall shower option.

The panel body has 304 stainless steel hardy frame in addition with glossy and elegant finish. This panel comes with four color or finish options (black, white, polished silver and brushed silver). Similarly, it has 2 height options (52 inches and 60 inches).

Above all, whole panel frame is high temperature and rust resistant. This is a split type tower panel with multiple functions. Subsequently, it has 5 functions (rainfall, waterfall, hand shower, tub spout and message jets).

After a hard working day, you can have a relaxing shower with multiple functions shower option. During shower, you can change functions easily so that you can get the best shower you deserve from this high quality tower system shower.

At the top of the panel has the waterfall shower. Below that has the rain shower. The rain shower has 60 nozzles. Therefore, a soothing rainfall shower is guaranteed. In addition, it works finely with both cold and hot water connections. Moreover, the tube pipe connector is 1/2 inch. In other words, you can install it with standard plumbing connection with less effort.

Happybuy Shower Panel is wall mounted and installing it super easy. Similarly, you can easily control the temperature and 5 functions using the 2 strong valve. Both massage jets have 24 high pressure nozzles. Therefore, you will get the best body massaging experience.

The hand shower has 48 high pressure silicon nozzles to ensure most exciting hand shower experience. Subsequently, it comes with 60″ water hose. In addition, all installation accessories comes with the package.

AKDY 39″ Wall Mount Rainfall Waterfall Multi-Function Shower

AKDY 39 Inch

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Sometimes, we don’t have enough space and height to install tall and big shower panel. However, you can buy small sized shower tower panel and install it in your small sized bathroom. For this category the best shower panel is the AKDY 39″ Wall Mount Shower System.

This small shower system has only 39″ height, enough to fit with any small bathroom. Similarly, it has less functions than other top rated shower tower panels. This system comes with 2 colors space grey and silver stainless steel.

AKDY 39″ has 4 functions including waterfall, rainfall, hand shower and massage spray jet. At top, it has 50 nozzles rainfall shower, below it the waterfall shower. The 48 nozzle hand shower is connected with the panel with 59″ durable and flexible hose.

All shower functions work separately so that you get the top level water pressure. However, it flows 2.5 gallon per minute so if you water shortage, then don’t use it. Moreover, this panel has pre-installed flow restrictor.

AKDY 39″ panel has easy connect system. Therefore, it will connect with existing water connections. In addition, all the installation kits and accessories are included with the package along with user manual and installation manual.

In other words, installing and maintaining it is easy and you can do it yourself if you least amount of plumbing experience with necessary gears. After that, you can add with your pew-installed tankless water heater to get hot water in the winter.

This shower panel has 2 body spray massage jets where each jet has 25 high pressure nozzles. Certainly, that will ensure top notch body spray massage along with a great shower. However, no warranty is defined for this slimline AKDY 39″ panel. So, ask the vendor about warranty before buying it.

Vantory Shower System Multi-functional VS018

Vantory Shower System Multi-functional VS018

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Not everyone likes square sized shower heads. Many like round shaped shower heads. Therefore, we pick Vantory VS018 Shower System as the best shower panel with round rainfall and handheld shower head. Moreover, the round shape increases its elegance and style.

This shower system is 51″ long and made of 304 stainless steel. As a result, it is rust proof and oxidation proof too. Moreover, the package has 7 layer protection. In other words, it is well protected while transportation.

Vantory VS018 comes with a round shaped 8″ rain shower head. Meanwhile, the shower head has 126 anti-blocking silicon made rainfall nozzles. In addition, the metal swivel ball will enable it to angle anywhere you want. However, it has a high 2.5 GPM water flow. Therefore, you will need steady water connection to get full service of it.

The jets have 2 functions: spray and massage. Usually, men prefer hard water pressure spray jets. However, women prefer gentle and pleasuring massage water fall on their body. For instance, the jets have 10 small and 4 big nozzles each.

Vantory VS018 has an unique feature, sliding bar. Sliding bar is connected with the hand shower. Using the sliding bar you can adjust the arm length and angle of the shower. The hand shower has 3 functions, namely Rain/Spray, Power Rain and Spray. Moreover, it has 56 high pressure nozzles. Therefore, you can interchange the showering feelings as you want.

Vantory VS018 has ACS, CE and ISO9001 certification for ensuring quality and customer services. Also, we forgot to mention that it comes with an excellent tub spout. In addition, the whole package falls under manufacturer warranty of 3 full years.

Rozin Brushed Nickel 5-Function Shower Thermostatic Mixer Panel

Rozin Brushed Nickel 5-Function Thermostatic Shower

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For the past 3-5 years, Rozin becomes one of most popular shower system manufacturers. They always maintain high quality with excellent customer supports and warranty. Likewise, Rozin Brushed Nickel 5-Function Shower is no different.

This shower panel has high quality and all the necessary functions. Thus making it a suitable replacement for the best shower panel we can have. The shower panel body is made of 304 stainless steel with brushed nickel finish. In addition, brass made faucet and ABS plastic makes the whole panel highly durable and strong.

Rozin Shower Mixer Panel is wall mounted and 43.7″ long. Moreover, it fits well with standard 1/2″ water connection. Meanwhile, the simple installation guide makes it easy to install with your current bathroom. As a result, you can have your pleasurable and relaxing shower the same day you get this tower panel.

Now, lets come to the point. What are the functions or mode this amazing shower panel system have? It comes with 6 modes or functions namely rainfall, hand shower, waterfall, tub spout and body massage jet spray.

The main shower head has both waterfall and rainfall style. Most importantly, the rain shower has 60 silicon made high pressure nozzles. Moreover, it’s dimension is 22″X7.87″ and made of sturdy stainless steel. The ABS plastic made handheld shower has 77 nozzles and has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Moreover, it is connected with 59″ stainless steel made shower hose.

Rozin Shower Panel consists of 6 amazing and high pressure body spray jets. Therefore you will get a pleasing shower with massage everytime. Above all, it has 3 knobs to control shower options, on/off and temperature. Similarly, the temperature display will help you choose the best temperature for you.

Votamuta Wall Mounted LED Shower System

Votamuta Wall Mounted LED Shower Tower System

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As the best LED shower panel, Votamuta Wall Mounted LED Shower System ensure highest satisfaction and excellent shower you can expect. Therefore, it has 6 amazing modes or functions. Moreover, you can use more than one functions at a time.

This 44″ long shower panel has both rainfall and waterfall modes on the top shower. In addition, the water flow powered LED light will have great impact on you while showering under it. After that, the rain shower has 60 nozzles so you will get bigger shower than regular.

Votamuta Wall Mounted Shower panel main body is stainless steel made with Brushed Nickel glossy finish. Therefore, it will have better longevity and be safe from corrosion, rust and oxidation. It requires standard 1/2 inch water connection.

There are total 8 body massage sprayer jet. 2 of them are angle adjustable and more powerful sprayer than other 6 fixed jets. Therefore, you will get 2 types massage from 2 types of jet. In addition, you can adjust the angle of the jets. In other words, multiple jet massage while showering.

Upgraded ABS Plastic made round hand shower produces high pressure water for soothing shower. Moreover, it has a long 59″ long stainless steel made durable hose. So, you can wash the places you want with hand shower during showering.

Three controlling handle will help you control the shower functions and temperature. Meanwhile, temperature display will show you the current temperature. Similarly, tub spout will help you clean your feet. Both the LED shower and LED temperature doesn’t need any battery or external power source. If any of these doesn’t work then ask the vendor. They will send replacement ASAP.

Valore VS-1205 Retrofit Shower Spa

Valore VS-1205 Shower Spa

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Not always we want a big shower panel. Sometimes, we need small and easy to install shower system. For that cause we pick the Valore VS-1205 Retrofit Shower Spa Panel. It is the best shower panel that has less functions and less than 37″ height.

3M Adhesive along with mounting bracket will ensure drill less installation. Moreover, it easily connects with standard 1/2″ NPT and plumbing setting. This shower panel is only 36 inch long and UPC certified.

The overhead rainfall shower has 50 nozzles and produce high pressure rain shower. In addition, the brass made handheld shower has high pressure nozzles too along chrome finish. The 59″ long water hose will make sure, no body part unwashed.

Jets have 32 nozzles and spray high pressure water. As a result, you will have pleasuring body massage while showering. Valore VS-1205 is amazing for any small sized bathroom. Although it doesn’t have many functions but the rainfall, spray jet and hand shower can produce enough stimulation for a relaxing heavenly shower.

This shower panel works perfectly with 50 PSI to 80 PSI water pressure. Moreover, it uses less than 2.5 GPM water. Therefore, you can use it all the States of USA. This stainless steel made highly durable shower panel has fingerprint and rust proof body.

Valore VS-1205 works well with both hot and cold water. However, you can’t control the water temperature or measure the temperature. In other words, you have to do it manually. It works better with temperature between 120-160°F. If you discard the negligible shortfalls of this amazing shower system, then it can be the best shower panel for you.