Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber and Accessories

Whenever we think about scrubber the first thing comes is the Homitt electric spin scrubber. In addition with their superior quality, it becomes a brand for scrubbing. 

Cleaning your home specially the bathroom and kitchen always require extra care. Moreover, you need them as clean as new. That is to say, you need the best electric spin scrubber on the market.

There are certainly many types of electric scrubbers. However, not all of them have high quality. Moreover, some are prone to low sturdiness.

In addition, some scrubbers are costly but have less working hours. So, how to choose the best for your requirements and situations?

The solution is to buy the most suitable and best the market can offer. And here comes Homitt and their cordless top rated user friendly electric powered spin scrubber.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Overview

Homitt is a renowned name for household accessories and tools manufacturer. Their most popular and trustworthy product is electric spin scrubber.

They also manufacture other top quality products. Like Patio umbrella cover, magnetic screen door, water timer, tumbler. Along with memory foam pillow, water cooler, shower head, travel pillow and garden hose nozzle.

Homitt also manufacture parts for the electric scrubber like replacement scrubber brush heads, brush pads, handle. Moreover, you can find specifically built replacement chargers for the electric scrubber.

Therefore, if you less experience with scrubber then you just choose this one. Homitt electric spin scrubber has easy operating system.

Similarly, cleaning your home, bathroom or bathtub is super easy. Even after first time cleaning, it will do a fantastic job. Above all, it works for many years without any problem.

We are covering different types of Homitt electric spin scrubbers in this buying guide. Along with replacement brush heads and pads and handles. In addition, we also included suitable replacement chargers specially marketed for this awesome scrubber.

Electric Spin Scrubbers

There are several types of spin scrubbers. However, Homitt only manufacture electric scrubbers. You can use them connected with electricity or as cordless.

Some scrubbers are good for specific tasks. For instance, you need toilet scrubber for toilets. Therefore, you can’t get optimal results by shower scrubber for toilet.

We have listed most popular four Homitt cordless scrubbers here. After that, you can get whichever you need. All of these are market best products. In other words, anyone you choose will be good for you.

Homitt Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Scrubber

Homitt Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Scrubber

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Our first pick is the cordless scrubber for shower and bathroom. Its cordless design makes it work without cables connection.

In addition, it comes with 2 powerful 2150 mAh battery with 3.65 V discharge. Similarly, it works for around 90 minutes for a full charge.

The built-in charger has fast charging feature. Therefore, it gets full charge only after 3.5 hours charging. This high power scrubber will run for a long time to clean the whole house at once.

The package contains 4 replaceable different function brush heads. Furthermore, you can buy extra brush heads from them when needed.

Cleaning the shower or bathroom, it will ensure quick, quiet and complete cleaning. Moreover, cleaning floor, tile, sink, glass, baseboard, wall or roof is super comfortable.

Whether, the crevices or cracks are small or large, the durable but soft bristles will clean them. Moreover, the brushes will never make any scratch.

This powerful Homitt electric spin scrubber works with 300 RPM speed. That means, you can clean any dirty or stinky places with ease and less time.

Most importantly, it will save you a lot of cleaning time. Similarly, it produces 70 db sound while being idle. Anything, less than 90 db is negligible sound for a spin scrubber.

However, while cleaning the noise level can get upto 80 db. In other words, it is quieter than most other electric scrubber.

Other Important Features

Homitt shower scrubber has extendable handle along with adjustable brush head settings. That is to say, it will save your back along with knees from pain.

Cleaning hard reaching corners become easy with this. The 21 inch long extendable handle will ensure all place reaching without bending your body.

The whole package comes with a charger and lightweight too. Moreover, 4 different types of brushes works for different places and parts.

So, your whole house will get clean completely. However, for better service it is good to use detergent or other cleaner products.

The whole package comes with 12 months of warranty. Similarly, it has 60 days money back guarantee too. In other words, you can get your money back in 60 days or product repaired within 12 months of purchase.

Homitt Power Brush Floor Scrubber

Homitt Power Brush Floor Scrubber

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Looking for a cleaner for your bathroom or shower floor? Then can choose the Homitt floor scrubber. Similarly, it can clean your whole house floor and tiles too.

This scrubber has 2 main differences comparing with the top scrubber. It can work for 60 minutes. And it has 3 brush heads instead of 4 brush heads.

However, 60 minutes only after 3.5 hours of charging is more than enough. Cleaning 1000 square feet in 60 minutes is simple. Moreover, it fast rotation and cleaning will reduce your cleaning time exponentially.

Its best feature is 360 degree cleaning. In addition, it produces less noise than other comparable scrubbers. Above all, its 260 RPM motor makes only 70-80 db noise while working or cleaning only.

The 2150 mAh lithium ion battery will work perfectly for many years. Moreover, cleaning other places instead of floors makes this scrubber a versatile and universal cleaner.

Other Important Features

Big flat scrubber head, corner brush head and round scrubber head are the 3 included brush heads. Use round scrubber to clean kitchen sink or bathtub. Meanwhile, use corner brush to clean congested or out of reach places.

For floor or tile use the flat big scrubber brush head. The brushes are water resistant too. In other words, they can work fine in wet condition. However, don’t push the whole scrubber underwater.

Use detergent to get the optimal result. Moreover, the 18.5″ extension handle will ensure cleaning all places without bending. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about knee or back pain or injury. Also, included portable hook will help you with easy hanging.

The whole package has 12 months warranty period. Similarly, it comes along 60 days condition applied money back guarantee. So, enjoy your cleaning duty and a nice and clean home,

Homitt Cordless Electric Toilet Scrubber

Homitt Cordless Electric Toilet Scrubber

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With Homitt don’t worry about toilet scrubbing. Its cordless electric toilet scrubber will make sure quick and complete cleaning. Use specific ceramic cleaning detergent along with the scrubber for the best result.

This handheld toilet scrubber has specially designed brush head to clean the side and corner of your toilet. Moreover, you can easily cleaning without squat down, Similarly, you don’t have to smell toilet odor while having a quicker and fresher toilet cleaning.

The brush head is bushy and sturdy. Moreover, it works perfectly for 360 degree without splashing water. In addition, it is waterproof. It unique design makes easy deep cleaning.

Pressing a button will make your job easy. Effortless and perfect cleaning. However, make sure you reach all the places. Otherwise you will not get a clean toilet. Most importantly, you will need only 5 minutes to clean a toilet.

Homitt toilet scrubber runs with 280 RPM. It uses 6 AA rechargeable batteries. Moreover, you can easily charge it with included charger. Above all, the batteries run at least months perfectly.

Other Important Features

The scrubber is really lightweight and conventional hook ensures easy hanging or storing. Cordless feature makes it portable use perfectly. With only 3.5 hours charging it works more than 60 minutes. In other words, you can clean 4-6 toilet with a single charge.

Other brush heads of Homitt works perfectly with this. However, the package only contains one brush head. So, you have to buy others separately if you need them.

Similarly, with all other products Homitt, it comes with money back option for 60 days where the warranty period is 12 months. In conclusion, we can say that it is great gift for your spouse or family on any occasion.

Homitt Handheld Bathtub Tile Sink Glass Scrubber

Homitt Handheld Bathtub Tile Sink Glass Scrubber

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Looking for a hndheld scrubber to clean the wall or bathtub or glass etc? Pick the Homitt handheld scrubber. Unlike, the extendable arm scrubber, it is a small handheld bathtub scrubber.

This mini electric handheld spin scrubber has unique design. Moreover it is only 15.35″ long. Perfect for cleaning bathtub, wall, tile, stovetop, countertop, kitchen and bathroom sink, glass and many more.

The scrubber is lightweight and using it super easy. Moreover, this fantastic Homitt electric spin scrubber is easy to maintain. The scrubber heads are replaceable and reusable.

The package contains 3 types brush heads. So, use these brush heads for specific purposes to get highest satisfactory cleaning. Moreover, this powerful scrubber makes cleaning simple and effortless.

Hang it anywhere you see fit using the hanging hook. Moreover, the ergonomic grip makes it easy to use and operate. However, you should read the user manual first before start using it first time.

Other Important Features

Both the scrubber and brush heads are highly durable. Moreover, the brush heads are waterproof and have longer lifeline. So, you don’t have to buy spare brush heads for many months.

It requires 3.5-4 hours of charging for full charge. And the charging indicator light makes your job easier. Most importantly, Homitt bathtub wall glass scrubber works 80-90 minutes after a full charge.

That means, you can clean your whole house after one full charge. Its pretty powerful and the spin rate 280 RPM. That more than you hope for.

This lightweight cordless scrubber is easy to carry and operate. Moreover, this electric scrubber has 12 months warranty and 60 days guarantee for conditional money back.

Homitt Electric Spin Mop

Homitt Electric Spin Mop

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Without a mop we can hardly clean our floor. However finding the best electric spin mop isn’t simple. Traditional mops are heavy and they take more times than electric ones.

Moreover, they are less efficient and cost more energy. To make your cleaning simple and easier we introduce you with Homitt electric spin mop.

This electric mop is cordless. That means, you can clean all over the place without carry the long cord. In addition, its power spin makes complete cleaning without leaving any dirt on the floor.

Its weight only 2.8 lb. In other words, super lightweight and you can use it with one hand. Moreover, cordless feature helps to clean different floor after charging fully.

Homitt electric spin mop requires less than 4 hours for full charge. Meanwhile, you can use it continuously for 50 minutes after every full charge.

Its powerful motor of 120 RPM makes the whole power cleaning super easy. The mop is waterproof but the battery isn’t. So, don’t flush the mop in the water for safety reason.

Other Important Features

The spray function along with 300 ml water tank makes your cleaning simple. Moreover, you don’t need extra cleaning tools or water. This makes cleaning more efficient with less effort.

Meanwhile, you can add essential oil or cleaning detergent with the water using the provided measuring cup. In other words, all in one package.

You can adjust the length as you see fit with the extendable handle. The whole mop is 46.5 inch long. However, you can adjust it to 40 inches as needed.

The whole Homitt electric spin mop comes with 2 sturdy scrubber pads and 2 soft pads. Scrubber pads are for cleaning stubborn stains. In addition, use the soft pads for scratch free cleaning. These pads are machine washable. Moreover, you can use reuse them many times.

This electric spin power mop has 30 days money back conditional guarantee. However, the service and replace warranty time is 12 months.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Replacement Brushes and Pads

Like all other products of Homitt, their scrubber brushes and pads have really long life. However, they will decay or stop working well after a certain time or usages.

Because, you are always cleaning using them. So, will wither away faster. Moreover, you need replacement to get the better service from brand new ones.

Along with manufacturing high quality electric spin scrubber, Homitt also manufactures high quality replacement scrubber brushes and pads.

Moreover, these replacement pads and brushes have similar quality as the original provided with the spin scrubber. After that, you don’t need to worry about your work done.

However, the brushes and pads don’t have any guarantee or warranty. So, if you ruin one, you will not get any replacement for that. Therefore, you have to buy a new one.

Homitt 4pcs Power Spin Scrubber Replacement Brush Heads

4pcs Replacement Brush Heads Set

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Power brush scrubber heads have the lowest lifeline comparing others. Because, the extensive power used to scrub on rough floor or places. These brush heads are sturdy too.

However, they are widely and roughly used. Either their cleaning bristles lose their edge or they wither away. Anyway, you should replace these power brush heads periodically whether they are unusable or not.

Moreover, periodical replacement will ensure optimal service and cleaning. The whole package contains 4 types of brush heads. Each has special features and purposes.

These scrubber heads have universal interface. Therefore, these works with all Homitt electric spin scrubbers. Similarly, it works with other brand spin scrubbers with similar interface.

Other Important Features

The package contain 4 different types brush heads. They are round brush, flat extra wide brush, flat small brush and corner brush. Similarly, all 4 have different uses and purposes.

For cleaning large areas like floor or tile or wall or glass, you use the extra wide brush. It ensures swift and dirt less cleaning with ease.

However, you can’t use this to clean narrow and small places. For that, you will need the flat small brush. Cleaning the side of sink or small area of floor is super easy with it.

For irregular surfaces around the bathtub or sink, you can’t use any flat brush. Flat brushes can’t clean irregular or uneven surfaces. For this specific purpose you need round scrubber brush.

After that, if you wish to clean wall corner or grout, you can’t use any of the top three. You will need specific corner brush for that. Moreover, with extendable spin scrubber you can clean hard to reach corner with this corner brush.

Soft elastomeric and durable material made brush are high quality and extremely sturdy. Moreover, they have longer life span and don’t often break easily.

Homitt 5pcs Foam Scrubber and Scouring Pad Set

5pcs Foam Scrubbers and Scouring Pads Set

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Cleaning oily area is not always possible with scrubber brushes. For that, you need scouring pads. These 5 pcs scouring pad and foam scrubber set will come handy for that occasion.

In addition, the foam scrubber has high 60 foam density. Moreover, it has high water absorption ability comparing with similar quality foam scrubber. So, cleaning extra watery places is simple with it.

Every type of scrubber is good fit for specific tasks. Therefore, you should choose wisely which one to use where. Subsequently, for oily contamination places, you must use the scouring pads for better cleaning. Moreover, preventing repeating contamination.

Using the velco, you can easily connect the scouring and foam pads with the scrubber connector. Most importantly, these pads work perfectly will all models of Homitt electric spin scrubber.

Other Important Features

Sometimes cleaning can become time wasting and boring. However, with these pads, surely you will enjoy your cleaning time. Moreover, it will clean perfectly with shortest period of time.

These pads are reusable. Please rinse it after each cleaning. However, machine wash is harmful for these pads. In other words, if needed use only slow hand wash.

Above all, these pads are made using nontoxic material. Moreover, they produces less to no bad smell and never stinks. In a word, these are made considering your well being.

This one set scrubber pads are enough for you. However, you should buy the scrubber brush heads set too. These are longer lasting and high efficiency tools. So, you can use them for many weeks.

Homitt 2pcs Toilet Brush Heads Set

2pcs Toilet Brush Heads Set

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Homitt toilet scrubber is a pretty popular item. It has long service life and works really great. Moreover, its slick design and lightweight feature makes it fantastic to work with.

However, the brush head doesn’t have same life span. It can’t be because you are working pretty hard on it to clean your toilet. In other words, its fated to decay faster than the scrubber.

To solve this problem, Homitt comes with their replacement brush heads set. These brushes have unique design and they last longer than other top rated toilet spin scrubber brush heads.

Before Homitt only manufactured brushes to clean floor, tile, wall, sink, bathtub and other places. However, for excessive demands they now manufacture high quality toilet scrubbers and brushes.

Homitt toilet spin scrubber makes cleaning effortless and saves your cleaning time. Using manual toilet brush, cleaning every bit, edges and inside the toilet is pretty time consuming and hard. However, these toilet brushes make you job easy without trouble.

The PR bristle are hardy and strong but don’t make any scratch on the toilet. So, use it as hard as you want on your toilet without any thought of scratching the toilet.

Other Important Features

The set contains 2 brush heads. So, you can clean both your inhouse toilets separately. You can use each brush multiple times if needed. These brushes are longer lasting. So, you can use them for many weeks.

These brushes are easy to install on Homitt electric spin scrubber. Moreover, you can install them on other electric spin scrubbers from different manufacturers. Detaching them is as easy as installing them. Even a child can attach or detach them.

These brushes are specifically manufactured for electric spin scrubbers. Therefore, you can’t use them as or with manual toilet brushes. After that, you will get less cleaning as manual brushes. So please remember that.

All Homitt products comes with 12 months conditional warranty period. However, these brushes can only be used for a few weeks only in active duty. In other words warranty will not be applicable. That is to say, if the brush heads just break or bristle die out from the beginning. You can claim the money back guarantee for 60 days.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Chargers

Every cordless battery powered gadget needs charger or adapter. Similarly, all Homitt electric spin scrubbers package contains chargers or adapters.

Meanwhile, the scrubbers come with warranty and guarantee but the charger doesn’t. Moreover, they have less shelf life comparing with electric scrubber. Therefore, you may come to a situation where you have active scrubber without a charger or adapter.

You can use regular same features charger from the market but many times they have less quality. Moreover, these low stat chargers have less life span comparing the original.

There are some chargers specifically manufactured for Homitt scrubbers. So, why we use regular charger where you can easily buy top quality charger with high level charging features.

We have listed few Homitt electric spin scrubber chargers below. These all have proven track records working perfectly with Homitt scrubbers. Therefore check these out before buying any random charger or adapter for your precious electric scrubber.

T POWER 5V Ac Dc Adapter Charger

T POWER 5V Ac Dc Adapter Charger

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All T POWER chargers and adapters have top quality and high level services. They have really long working hours and hardly any complain about the quality or services.

Therefore, their 5V adapter charger for Homitt electric spin scrubber is really great to work with. Moreover, this charger work fine with similar power settings and cords.

In other words, you can use with other gadgets with same power cord and power limit. In addition, other types of gadgets work superbly with this awesome quality power adapter.

The input power source can vary between 100V minimum to 240V maximum. Where the output power is 4V minimum to 6V maximum.

Most importantly, that is the output power the Homitt scrubbers need. Moreover, the cord is 6.6 feet long. That is more than enough to charge anywhere in your house.

GreatPowerDirect AC Adapter Charger

GreatPowerDirect AC Adapter Charger

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Looking for a stylish and compatible Homitt electric spin scrubber charger or adapter? Then you should check the GreatPowerDirect AC Adapter Charger first before anything else.

It has superior design and high compatibility. Moreover, this charger is made for Homitt scrubbers only. However, this works fine with other spin scrubbers along with similar power gadgets.

Safety certified with CE, RoSH and FCC. Moreover, this is a brand new design and tested for all models of Homitt spin scrubbers along with others.

The power cord is 5 feet long. That is to say, this length is enough to charge the scrubber all the places. Above all, GreatPowerDirect charger has 30 days money back guarantee. Moreover, you will get 12 months replacement warranty for all their adapter chargers.

DKKPIA AC Adapter Charger

DKKPIA AC Adapter Charger

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DKKPIA AC Adapter Charger is delicately manufactured for Homitt spin scrubbers. These chargers are tested and then recommended to use for Homitt only. However, it is not tested for other devices so beware using it for other devices.

It requires power source of 100V to 240V with 50Hz to 60Hz current. Moreover, it has over current, over heat and over charging protection.

The whole charger is made of high quality material while maintaining superior design. Therefore, it will ensure high security and low heating temperature while charging.

This adapter charger has high efficiency and 100% eco-friendly. Most importantly, it comes with money return guarantee for 30 days. They have superb customer services too.

EPtech AC-DC Adapter Charger

EPtech AC-DC Adapter Charger

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EPtech AC-DC Adapter Charger works greatly with Homitt products. Moreover, you can use it for other company scrubbers too along with electric trash cans and many more.

Certainly, it has over heat, over voltage, over current and short circuit protection. Similarly, it needs 100-240 V current supply for optimal operation. Also, it has a 6.5 feet long and highly durable power cord.

You can confidently buy their products. Because, they always have high quality products with 90 days conditional money return policy with 12 months exchange or repair policy.

EPTech never uses refurbished or recycled components or parts. You will get 100% original and new charger adapter. In addition, the charger will be 100% compatible with your device or scrubber.

Fav-Tech AC Adapter for Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Fav-Tech AC Adapter for Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

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Fav-Tech AC Adapter is fully compatible with Homitt spin scrubbers. In addition, they have high quality services and long lasting adapter.

You will have full satisfaction while using their charger adapter. Above all, it has short circuit and over charging protection. Moreover, a LED charging indicator light will help you check whether charging or not.

5 feet long cord will make sure you can charge on the wall or on the floor. However, please check that your gadget model is listed in their compatibility list. If not, ask them before buying it.

Please don’t mix this charger with other low quality materials you can find on the market. In conclusion, we can confidently say that Fav-Tech AC Adapter for Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber is great and you will be fully satisfied.