Buying an RV for the First Time (Class C)

When buying an RV for the first time, you should pick Class C. Because Class C RVs have better features and viability than Class B. Moreover, it has all the features and facilities you can get from luxurious class A RVs.

We just give our preferences but you must not do as we say. First, you should prioritize all your requirements. Then pick the RV class most suitable according to it.

Why Pick Class C RV Over Class A or B RVs

Before going into detailed explanation, you should know about different classes for RV or motorhomes. RVs come with 3 classes. Class A, B and C.

Like the name suggest, Class A RVs are the biggest and most luxurious class. Usually, it built on bus chassis. Most accommodable and works perfectly as a small size flat or apartment.

Class B is the smallest version of these 3 classes with less facilities and accommodation space. Moreover, it usually built on pickup or large size SUV chassis. However, it has better mileage and maintaining it super simple.

Class C RVs have middle size and accommodation facility comparing with other two classes. In addition, most Class A RV features are built-in with it. Meanwhile, maintaining and pricing are affordable for mid-range income people. Therefore, we pick Class C when buying an RV for the first time.

We will discuss broadly about all the features of Class C along with most of the shortcomings too. So that, after reading the full article, you can have complete idea about this class RV. That is to say, it will help you decide which type RV you need and how you can afford it.

 Things to Consider When Buying an RV for the First Time

There are many things to consider when you are buying or wanting to have an RV. All 3 classes have different sizes, models and floor spaces.

Prices all vary based on size, facilities and features. We have short listed some basic criteria to fulfill before making the decision.

Renting or Buying Used or Brand New

If you have a tight budget and never used an RV, then renting is the best option for you. Renting an RV is easy. There are many renting companies to choose from. And its fee per day is around $100-$200 a day for a Class C.

After renting for 1-2 weeks, you will have better understanding about RV and you will have know what you need from your RV and how to get it.

Next, if you have a tight and fixed budget, we recommend you to buy an used RV. Used RVs cost less than brand new ones. Moreover, most crucial repairs are always done. In addition, insurance and licensing fees including others are relatively low. Also, depreciation rate will be well within your limit.

But, if you have previous experience with renting RVs and using used ones. Has the budget to cover the whole thing. Then, we will highly recommend to go for it. Buy the brand new one with latest features.

Brand new RVs come with manufacturers warranty and you can organize the whole RV according to your design and preferences. However, the insurance, license and other fees will be higher. Moreover, it will have higher depreciation rate.

Engine Types

You can find both diesel and gas powered RVs. But which one to pick? Diesel powered RVs have more energy and better mileage. Its good for towing vehicle or boat behind. In addition, it will provide extra energy for uphill acceleration. However, maintaining and buying this engine RVs are both costly.

On the other hand, gasoline powered RVs provide less energy and lower mileage. For towing purpose, it is not good at all. Cost a lot energy too. However, maintaining and repairing a gasoline RV is simple and cost effective. Moreover, its overall cost is lower than diesel RVs.

Diesel RVs are fuel efficient and longer service life. In other words, if you have plan for fulltime RV life or regular RVing, then diesel RVs are for you. For short term RV life or weeks long family vacation, gasoline powered RVs are highly recommended.

Size and Length

Class A RVs are like full size Buses. Class B RVs are small to medium converting vans. Where Class C RVs come with different sizes and length.

Class C starts with a length of 21 feet to 40 feet. Most of them are around 30-35 feet. This is the standard length. Moreover, there are many campgrounds those only allows parking space for 40 feet vehicle. So, if you have Class A RV, you can’t use all the campgrounds those have the size limits.

If you don’t have enough storage space for your RV, then you have to rent it. Not all storage facilities can accommodate Class A or bigger Class C RVs. The fees also depends on the size. You must consider RV length and storage option before buying one.

Both Interior and Exterior Design

Brand new RVs usually have flawless interior with insulated cover. The interior has superior and attracting design and styles. Moreover, the exterior also has full painting without any scratch. Make sure, the RV has cooler interior in hot weather. Sometimes, the heat level depends on interior and exterior coating and color combination.

However, if you want to have used RV then please check all interior coating is fixed and without any flaw. Moreover, the exterior has newly coated color and infrastructure.

Other Important Features Look For

  • Beware of the energy consumption rate
  • Check if the RV provides safety airbags along with seatbelts for both driver and passengers
  • Kitchen countertop must have smooth laminating surface for easy cleaning
  • Battery capacity along with space and setting for both generator and solar panel kit
  • Bathroom has enough and separate space for shower and toilet
  • Built-in water filter along with option for installing tankless water heater for RV
  • Necessary fittings for cover. Usually, you can easily install the RV cover. However, pick the top rated cover for Class C RV

Now that we have enough knowledge about the basic needs and requirements, let continue with our pick. We always suggest Class C RV or motorhome because of its flexibility and high level features. Although, we have our reasons but some may argue with it.

We will try the reasons step by step. So that, you can understand our reasoning. Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you will come to an answer about choosing the right class RV for yourself.

Reasons to Pick Class C RV for Your First

There are many reasons to choose class C RV, but there are many more reasons to pick any of the other 2 classes. Mainly, it depends on many things.

We aren’t suggesting you to buy Class C only. You can buy as you see fit. We are only describing the advantages and disadvantages of Class C RVs.

Therefore, we will list all our reasons below. And you will have better understanding about Class C motorhomes and its unique features.

Enough Beds: Usually Class C motorhomes have enough bedding for 4-8 people. But latest models can have up to 11 beds.

Kitchen: Cooking space is more than class B motorhomes, but slightly smaller than class A. Enough space to cook and keep the foods and utensils.

Dining: You can either have fixed dining table or compatible table. Compatible table will ensure enough free space after usage.

Bathroom: Enough space for bathing or shower along with separate toilet setting. You can install composting toilet instead of regular flushing toilet.

Now Lets Get Into Details

Usually, Class C motorhomes or RVs has enough space for full sized kitchen, bathroom, king size bedrooms along with other bedding options.

It also has folding sofas and dining table, folding kids bed. Moreover, the slide out option will increase inner space of the RV. So, that after setting everything you can still have small walkways in between.

This type of RV has enough storage area to keep all your luggage and other fishing or hunting tools and gears.  In addition, you can keep other important accessories and gears in the spacious storage area.

Other than these, class C RVs comes with cabinet, drawers, shelves and other lockable storage options. You can also tow a small vehicle or trailer at the back for more options.

Parking and Storage

Many popular campgrounds have a size limit for camping vehicles. Most cases they are between 25 feet to 35 feet. That is to say, average class C motorhome size is 25 feet. Easy to fit in all campgrounds around your area or in other states.

Usually, many don’t have own storage area for large size vehicles like RVs. The fees also pretty high. So, class C will have less fees comparing with class A. Moreover, you can use high level RV cover for Class C if you don’t have storage capacity.

Fuel Consumption

If you buy a diesel motorhome, then you will have better mileage. Moreover, powerful engine will ensure easy and better towing trailer or vehicle.

However, gasoline motorhome has less mileage and power for towing. That is to say, diesel motorhomes are expensive and requires high level maintenance but has better service life. Gasoline motorhomes are easy to maintain but has less lifetime.

Comparing with Class B, the fuel efficiency is similar or negligible. However, if you compare with class A, then class C consume 40% less fuel. It requires similar maintenance like class B but less than class A.

Other Useful Benefits:

  • Class C RV has similar brake and pedal location like regular cars. However, class A has different location. You need to drive many time to adjust with class A motorhomes.
  • Class C has more sleeping option comparing with caravans and class B. Sometimes, class A has same sleeping space.
  • Class C comes with 3 exit doors. Both for Driver and passengers along with middle exit door for the RV.
  • Class C cost way less than Class A for same size. As an example, 35 feet long Class C costs around 15-20k less than same size class A.
  • Class C engine situated at the front like normal SUV or Sedan. Where class A has engine below the living space. So, repairing and maintaining engine for class C is easy and simple. Moreover, class C front engine provides better security for driver and passenger comparing with class A.
  • Class C motorhomes are lighter than class A. Usually, class A weight 17k lb to 20k lb but class C usual weight around 14k lb.
  • Class C engines consume less fuel and go more ways than class A. For short distance, you may not feel the difference. However, if you go a long distance the difference is huge.
  • Class C RVs are low and set on the ground where class A has bigger gaps between the vehicle body and ground. So, its less likely to roll or move while taking sharp turn.
  • All class C RVs are equipped with full airbags for safety. Its a big difference for safety concern. And you will not find any class A with usual airbags.
  • Class C motorhome driver can see in front of the vehicle ground more clearly and it can take turn with more radius comparing class A.
  • Its easy to find garage and mechanics for class C RVs. You can easily repair it with regular mechanics. However, class A needs experienced big vehicle mechanics to handle them.

Drawbacks and Other Options

Like all others, class C RVs have drawbacks too. These drawbacks aren’t negligible too. You just can’t ignore them if you seriously consider buying one.

Slide-Out Problem

Without opening slide-out, you can’t access the restroom. Its a huge disadvantage too. Because every time you want to use the restroom, you have to open the slide-out first.

Moreover, as time goes bye, the slide-out will wear and tear. And its perfectly normal. So, if you want to buy an used one, make sure the slide-out working perfectly.

Without the slide out you can’t use the full floor space of the RV. So, make sure the slide-out works perfectly all the time. However, many class C models come with manual slide-out option. Meaning if automated option don’t work, you can manually use the slide-out.

Price and Maintenance

Class C motorhome may be cheaper comparing with Class A. However, even they cost a lot comparing with caravans and class B. So, make sure you have actual need of an RV. For 2-3 regular trips, you can always use renting option.

Not all mechanics and garages have usual setting to repair large size class C RVs. So, you should fix where to repair your motorhome before decide to buying one.

The insurance and license cost along with other costs are huge too. Therefore you must consider those cost along with the vehicle price when considering buying them.

Size Matters

Class C may be smaller than class A motorhomes but they are bigger than regular vehicles too. Its not a good choice for day trips or short-distance trips.

Storage is always a problem for bigger vehicles. Sometimes, you may not find suitable storage places. So, its always a better choice to buy high quality Class C RV cover.

Other Issues

Gasoline powered RVs can’t work well with towing because of less engine power. Where diesel power towing RVs are expensive to buy and maintain.

Water leakage can be a problem from the cab over design of class C. It may cause huge dent on the floor or roof of the vehicle. It may cause more repairing cost.

End Words

Well, these are all we want to discuss today. If we miss anything, please any suggestion to improve this article is most welcome. Moreover, we will highly appreciate your effort.

So guys, if you want a large RV with enough space but don’t have the facility or budget to go for Class A then its for you. Also, if mini campervan or class B doesn’t cutout your needs, then class C is for you. With many sizes, models and prices, it comes with most solutions for perfect RV.

This article for those people, who are buying an RV for the first time. That’s why it doesn’t include specific specifications or cost outline. If you need those info too, please contact with professionals.