Electric Shower Head Pros and Cons

Electric showers are relatively new in the market. Therefore, its better to know about electric shower head pros and cons before buying it. Moreover, this will reduce future complexity about installing and operating this type of shower head.

Basically, electric showers produce hot water from the shower instead of ground temperature water. Why we need it? Its because we need hot water to shower in cold weather.

For hot water, we either use tankless water heater or vintage storage tank water heater. You can check tank vs tankless water heater comparison to know more. Storage tank heaters always boil water whether you need it or not. Its a huge waste of energy and money.

On the other hand, tankless heaters will give you on demand hot water. Meaning, when needed it will produce hot water. In addition, it saves money and energy a lot. Generally, tankless heaters are installed with the main water line. So that all your faucets, showers and tubs can get hot water at a time.

But, tankless heaters are expensive. Moreover, if you only need hot water for one shower only then you don’t need to install expensive tankless heaters. Sometimes, already installed water heaters have less capacity to provide all connections at a time. To solve all these problems electric shower heads.

What is an Electric Shower Head?

Electric showers are regular shower with built-in water heater. This water heater is small and have low capacity. They are set with the shower. So that, when water flows within the shower head, it automatically heat the water.

You can say, its a shower head with portable tankless water heater combination. Using this you can greatly reduce the water heating cost. Moreover, its not expensive and can work well in all weather condition.

Even in freezing temperature, these showers will provide hot water to shower under. In addition, it can work well with both 110V and 220V. In other works, great for all electricity condition.

With its superior temperature control you will get only 100° F to 110° F hot water. Enough for hot shower in cold condition. Some models support temperature control but some have fixed temperature settings. So, check before buying it.

Maintaining specified water flow is important for these shower heads. If the water flow rate and volume is more than specified, you can’t get specified water temperature. Moreover, if the base water temperature is too low, then you have to reduce the water flow accordingly to get the desired water temperature.

Electric Shower Head Pros and Cons

As we know what is an electric shower head and how does it work, next comes its advantages and disadvantages. Like all others, it has many advantages with large array of disadvantages.

Learning only the advantages will make you vulnerable if you face any problem while using it. Therefore you must know about the disadvantages of electric shower along with the prevention of them too. We discussed both of them. So, please read the complete list of electric shower head pros and cons before getting one.


Continuous Hot Water: Unlimited hot water shower. Never fear of running out of hot water while showering under electric shower. Moreover, the shower heats the water within its built-in water heater. Therefore, you can shower as long as you need. All the cold water running through the shower will have warn water when fall on you.

Works Well in Cold Weather: Electric shower works greatly in the colder condition. Even if the temperature in the minus, it works perfectly. So, you can use it in all condition. Just tweaking the water flow accordingly so that you can get enough hot water and you are all set.

All Voltage Option: In US, the main voltage is 110V. However, in many countries and states it can be 220V. Therefore, you should check your local voltage along with the electric shower voltage. Many top rated manufacturers produce different models for different voltage connection. However, you may find some models those work greatly with both option.

Low Price: Comparing with other types of shower head and water heaters, electric showers have reasonable price. Moreover, the energy savings and easy to use option will make your investment more accurate and convenient.

Variety: There are many sizes and designs available to choose from. In addition, you can even find electric rain shower head along with high speed shower head. You can pick the most suitable design according to your overall bathroom design.


Water Flow Rate: This may be a problem if you have really cold or hot water. If the water is too cold or hot and water flow rate is same as regular, then the electric shower may not provide desired hot water temperature. Therefore, you have to change water flow rate based on water temperature to get the water temperature you want.

Electrocution: Make sure the electric shower comes with standard safety certification to prevent electrocution. Water and electricity mixing may cause electrocution so safety is always a caution for this. Without reliable safety certification you can use it. So, try to buy from authorized and reputable manufacturers only.

Electric Connection: Electric shower heads usually requires 30A-40A connection. Make sure you already have this option. If not, then please hire an electrician to create a completely safe and secure connection for this high quality shower head. Otherwise, you will have regular electric problem originated from the electric hot water shower head.

Installation: Although, its easy to install. However, it is heavier than regular shower heads. Therefore, it might need support to install it instead of current lightweight shower head. Its better to ask a plumber to check and install it for you.

Limited Designs: There aren’t many designs and styles like the regular shower heads. Though, there may be enough to choose from. However, those models are only few handfuls. Most of them has similar designs and styles and sizes. So, if you need something extravagant or luxurious then it is not for you.

End Words

Electric shower heads are there to help you take hot water with less complexity and cost. However, it has its own shortcomings too. So, you must compare the pros and cons before making your choice.

Check the complete list of electric shower head pros and cons. After that, match those with your requirement set. If everything OK, then go with it, otherwise not.

However, if you have something unclear or you want to know more, then ask someone who already knows about that. Moreover, you can ask the manufacturers for more info.

There aren’t many information available for electric shower on the internet. So, its always better to ask the vendors or plumbers with prior knowledge about this type of shower heads.

This shower head is to make your life easy. So, if you think its complex, its better to avoid it. That is to say, it saves a lot hot water energy cost. Its an on demand hot water shower head to have the most pleasant shower.