Public vs Private Campgrounds, How to Decide

Camping is great to enjoy your holidays and leisure times. However, you can be stuck with the option to choose either public or state own national parks or private campgrounds. So, public vs private campgrounds, which provides more benefits and how to choose?

There are many benefits to pick and use a public campgrounds. However there are problems too. You may have less facilities and other options to get effortless life in the wild. In other words, public campgrounds may not be good for you if you don’t have prior experience with it. Or, if you want more facility other than staying quiet nights and days.

On the other hand, private campgrounds provides many more facilities along with camping facility. So, you will have comfortable life while camping. However, with limited area, you may not enjoy the large nature view along with other living in the wild experience.

As you can see, both have several pros and cons to check first before deciding. First and foremost, you must know separately what are they and what facilities each offers along with their shortcomings too. Then compare the public vs private campgrounds to pick the right one for you.

Common Public VS Private Campgrounds Pros and Cons

Public Campgrounds

Public campgrounds are the state owned low cost low facilities national parks. They have huge uninhabited area to explore for natural sightseeing along with amazing views. Moreover, the cost per night is really low. However, these campgrounds have less facilities and features.

You can park all sizes vehicles or RVs here. So, if you either have Class B or Class A doesn’t matter. It allows all types vehicle. But, you may have to arrange for your own electricity and water source along with other needs. So, be mindful about that. We have listed the main pros and cons of public campgrounds below. Check them clearly. Surely, these information will help you make your decision.


  • Fees: Usually around $20 to $30 per night. Really low rate if you compare with average private campgrounds fees. Moreover, the fees usually same all around the years. So, you can easily pick the suitable time for your RV camping.
  • Area: Public campgrounds are many times more larger than private campgrounds. These are usually national parks with huge are. Therefore, you will have a large area to explore while staying in the camp.
  • Parking: You can park all sizes RVs and motorhomes in public campgrounds. Most of them offers great parking facility for larger Class A RVs. So, you can easily pick these campgrounds without worrying about parking. However, don’t forget to have cover for your RV.
  • Sightseeing: The best benefit for a public campground of its amazing view and sightseeing. It may include hiking trails and rivers. So, you can easily go with hiking or trekking while camping there.


  • Extra Crowd: Sometimes, low fees can attract more people. Therefore, late night parties and noise can become a problem with large crowd. Moreover, the basic water, public toilet usage becomes hard to get by.
  • Less Facility: Not all public campgrounds come with enough electricity and water facility. You can run out of water and toilet tank can be full in no time. So, prepare yourself to use public toilets and baths while staying there.
  • Reservation: Getting the access of a public campground is always hard. Its because of their low fees along with larger and resourceful area. Either you do the reservation online or hire a company to do that for you.
  • Camping Duration: Normally, public campgrounds highest amount of time for each reservation is about 2 weeks. Therefore, you can’t stay more than 2 weeks a time. So, if you are planning to stay more than that, better pick a private campground.

Private Campgrounds

Private means people owned. Therefore, private campgrounds are those where the owner is a person or people owned company. Its a business so they will do everything to get their investment worth easy cash and ensured profits.

Private campgrounds provide many extra facilities like easy water and electricity. Moreover, you can find small golf court along with other helpful features. You may like their features and facilities a lot. However, that comes with a price, high fees. We have listed all about pros and cons of private campgrounds below. Please have a look.


Regular Facilities: These private campgrounds always provide necessary water and electricity. So, you don’t have to worry about water running out for your water heater, water filter and toilets. Moreover, you will not need to have composting toilet. You can use the high quality restrooms of the campgrounds if needed.

Extra Facilities: Some high level private campgrounds have more areas along with extensive facilities or amenities. In addition these features may include basketball courts along with tennis and golf courts. Full facility playgrounds with gaming rooms for your family and children.

Easy Access: While booking public campgrounds may be a hassle or requires time, private campgrounds don’t have this problem. You can call the campground customer service. Their dedicated customer care person will cordially accept your call and describe their features in detail. In addition, they will book your reservation with utmost care.

Parking: Although, many private campgrounds only allow small to medium sized Class B and Class C RVs and motorhomes only. However, there are many large private campgrounds company those allows parking for large Class A RVs.


  • Expensive: Per night cost in private campgrounds is around $50 to $200 based on the features you want to have with your package. Moreover, the fees can increase for different times and occasions. In addition, in the pick seasons, the regular fees for included features will increase exponentially,
  • Small Area: Private campsites always have less space and area comparing with public ones. Moreover, if area increases so is the cost for the owner. Its their business, so they will always try to invest less to get the highest profit. That means, you will have less area to move around and seeing the nature and enjoying the environment.
  • Excessive Features: Usually, we go camping to live with the nature around. However, many private campsites have more stores for different products and facilities to make your life similar urban lifestyle. Thus, reducing the nature feeling you want. Sometimes, all their features may look like, you are living in an extra large amusement park. Not in the wild.
  • Parking: Most private campsites are smaller in size. Therefore, their parking areas will be smaller too. So, they may not allow large Class C or Class A RVs to park. Even, if they allow parking, you have to use top class Class C RV cover to ensure safety from extra dust and other factors in the congested parking area.

End Words

As we have discussed earlier, you can pick any as you see fit. However, usually we do camping for living with the wild nature and enjoy and free lifestyle. Private campgrounds will make your life easier for camping for a few weeks.

However, public campgrounds will ensure full natural satisfaction with enough sightseeing. Moreover, you will enjoy the nature and live with perfect satisfaction. So, its always your decision to pick. Just get the most of public vs private campgrounds to choose easily but efficiently.