Rain Shower Head vs Regular

While comparing rain shower head vs regular shower head, you can become confused. Both have different functions than other however, they have one thing common, its a shower head.

Shower head is necessary for every complete house. If you have bathtub or hot tub or pool, you will still need a shower to complete your bath.

Usually, we have a shower when needed to wash and clean our body. Moreover, we can always have pleasant and soothing shower when we want peace of mind.

Rain shower heads are usually larger and smother than regular shower heads. They will let you feel natural rain fall experience all over your body.

Before going into detail about rain shower head vs regular, we must learn about the rain shower head and how it works. Then we can differentiate between them.

What is a Rain Shower Head?

A rain shower head is a type of shower head that provides rain fall soothing and relaxing feelings. You will feel like showering under natural rain.

Rainfall is pretty amazing and showering under the rain is a great feelings. However, we can’t get into rain whenever we want. It has to be raining and you have to be prepared to be under the rain.

Raining is a natural thing so you can’t always have it your way. Therefore, the rain shower head will help you with the rainfall feeling whenever you want.

After all day of hard work and traffic, you surely want a shower to calm your body and soul. In addition, rain fall shower will make you feel even better than regular shower.

Basic Features

  • Usually, rain shower heads are ceiling mounted. So, you need ceiling plumbing setting before installing the shower head. However, wall mounted rain shower head also available.
  • These showers are larger and bigger than regular. Therefore, you may need larger showering space for it. The size may differ from 6″ to 18″.
  • Typically, these shower heads are square in size. That is to say, modern models have other sizes like rectangular, circular or even tri-angle sizes and shapes.
  • These shower heads don’t spray water like regular shower heads. Water falls like rain from these shower heads on your body.
  • Consumes a lot of water like 2 to 4 GPM. Low water flow can cause disrupted rain fall from the shower.
  • Usually, the water pressure depends on the water flow pressure. In other words, these aren’t high pressure shower heads. However, more updated design can produce high pressure rain fall also.
  • You can use LED lighting with the shower to take the whole showering experience on another level. LED rain shower heads are available and come with many extra and luxurious features.

Rain Shower Head VS Regular: Basic Differences

We choose some features and functionality to differ and compare between regular vs rain shower head. Based on those we can easily find the pros and cons among those two.


We all have shower in our bathroom, its nothing to think about. However, the situation changes when you install a rain shower. It will change the overall impression and classiness of your simple bathroom.

Rain shower heads are luxurious and attractive to begin with. Moreover, it will take the whole showering experience to the next level. Regular shower heads are common and none will notice. However, after adding a rain shower, your family members along with relatives and friends who come to your house will appreciate and encourage your choice.

Size and Shape

Regular shower heads are usually round shape and smaller in size. That is to say, rain showers are larger and comes with different shapes and functionality.

Usual rain showers are square shape with 8″ to 16″ size. In addition, you can get circular or round, rectangular or other shapes. Moreover, you can change the water flow rate along with LED lighting to add luxurious feelings while showering.

Water Usage

Rain showers use a lot of water. Its the main problem with this luxury shower head. Moreover, it can use around 1.2 GPM to 4.2 GPM water. Some states don’t support shower heads with 2.5 GPM water flow.

Therefore, if you have expensive water supply then better avoid using rain shower. In addition, rain showers have slow water flow, so it will take more time to complete your shower. In other words, more water usage. Meanwhile, with high pressure water flow regular shower heads, you can complete shower in minutes. Therefore, saves a lot of water.


Rain shower isn’t a shower only but a tool to get proper showering experience with satisfying relaxation and comfort. After hard work at the office or workout at the gym, we always want something pleasant to keep our mind and body fresh.

Rain shower will make you feel better and energetic after taking a long shower. You can easily add it to tankless water heater to ensure continuous hot water while showering under it. This will let you remove stress and feel awesome while showering and after shower. Regular shower heads can’t guarantee relaxation or enjoyment.


Rain shower systems cost way more than regular shower heads. Moreover, if you want to buy shower panel with multiple showering option, then the cost will be way over $200.

In addition, installation fees also a determining factor. Rain shower heads installation fees are higher than regular. Meanwhile, if the ceiling doesn’t have pre-installed plumbing then you need new one. Thus, the installation cost will increase exponentially.


Sometimes we have less time to shower, so we can’t properly enjoy a pleasant shower under rain shower. Moreover, we can’t always use all the functions the complete rain shower system comes with. In other words, it can be a waste.

Therefore, you must check whether you have the budget along with necessity for a luxury rain shower head. After that, you can buy it. However, its confirm you will like the extra facility the new shower head comes it. Whether you need it or not, only you can decide.

End Words

You may differ with our opinion or have other ideas. However, you can’t argue that rain shower head is a good choice for pleasant shower and relieving stress.

Bathtub is an alternative for relieving stress and pain from your highly used body but bathing takes more time. Therefore, you can have a fully energized body after taking a 15 minutes shower using the rain shower heads.

At last, we want to say that, please check clearly about rain shower head vs regular shower head comparison and differences. After thoroughly reviewing their pros and cons then decide to get the best for you according to your budget.