Toilet Tank Decor Ideas

Decorating your toilet is a funny idea however you can utilize toilet tank decor ideas for fun only. Here, we are elaborating those ideas. Believe me, there are many products available to make these ideas into fruition.

What is the reason for decorating toilet tank. Honestly speaking, no need. However, there are always ideas in our mind, what if we do that? Therefore, we should do what we feel. Otherwise, it will always keep our mind busy.

So, we must move forward with what our mind want without think about the consequences. Hopefully, it will produce a result we can hardly think about. Moreover, there is also a chance something good will happen.

We have listed a few ideas about how you can decorate your toilet tank. We suggest you apply a few to check the result. If one idea is your choosing, then we will think our effort isn’t a waste. More like a complete success.

Popular Toilet Tank Decor Ideas

You can use decals or covers to look the tank different. In addition, you can art on the tank to make a difference. Moreover, using customized colorful tank top lid will become something different. So, check the ideas listed below.

Not all these ideas will be helpful or you may not like any of them. However, it may let you think to do something exceptional. That way, you can come with new toilet tank decor ideas. Please share with us about your ideas. So that, we can add them here.

Decals or Stickers

Using deals or stickers on toilet tank is pretty common. People are doing this for many years. You can use any available stickers on the toilet tank. You can also pick toilet lid decals to put it on the tank.

However, there are many specially manufactured toilet tank decals you can find on any ecommerce site. They cost really low. So, buy a few of them and stick it on the tank or tank side. If you like any, keep them stick. Otherwise, you can remove them easily.

Tank Covers

You can find many warm and suitable toilet cover sets. Each set comes with toilet tank cover, lid cover and seat cover. Some are normal paper made cover or cloth made. However, there are many high quality polymer made cover set.

These covers are soft, stylish and comfortable. So, these will ensure easy and comfortable seating. Moreover, they have great design and glossy look. Therefore, overall appeal of toilet will increase exponentially.

Color Pencils

There are many color pencils work greatly on plastic surface. Moreover, removing them is super easy. You can write funny words on the toilet tank.

These funny words will look exciting to read or look. In addition, whenever someone new using your toilet, they will certainly be surprised, and sometimes be pleased.


Sometimes, after a few days, excessive dirt can damage the toilet tank color. You can use regular cloth to cover the tank. This way, the tank will retain its original color for many days.

However, if you tweak the cloth a bit, like designing it or make funny art on it. Everything changes. Your children will surely like the new look. Moreover, you will feel more comfort using it.


Some may not like toilet nightlight. However, this changes if you only use nightlight around toilet tank. Many will like this idea and they will enjoy using toilet with toilet tank lighting. Therefore, you must check this toilet tank decor ideas.

Flush Switch Decals

If you don’t like decorating the toilet tank, then you can do something new. Setting a small decal on the flush switch of your single flush or dual flush toilet. It can be something funny or scary. Whatever it is, when someone use it surely be surprised.

You can get these round decals in local kids store or from other places. However, don’t use with something extreme. Because many may not like those too scary stickers or decals.

End Words

Those are the some common but most exciting toilet tank decor ideas. However there can be many more. Whenever, we have more ideas we will surely share them here.

Moreover, if you come up with something new and more appealing, please share with us. We will surely add them here. We just want to make your life enjoyable and thrilling. Its just the beginning towards that goal.