Best Class B RV Covers

Covering your RV while staying idle is important. However getting the right cover similarly important. We pick Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Cover our best Class B RV cover.

Class B RVs are the smallest among three classes. Although, this RV can have a toilet, shower, living room, kitchen but it is too small. Both the shower and toilet will be placed together. You also need compact size water heater and filter to set into the small space.

But, for 1-2 person, class B will be enough. Though, the space is small but it will suffice. On the other hand, you can park it in the garage or driveway. cleaning and maintaining class B RV is easier too.

While camping in the wild, you can’t just park it on the open. The strong wind or snow or sunlight can harm your RV. Moreover, your RV will be hot under the sun or too cold in the snow. Therefore, using a cover while parking is better and most recommended.

Best Class B RV Cover Reviews

Many models, designs, styles, sizes, types and materials are available for top quality cover for Class B RVs. Moreover, the exact matching size is an important fact. Firstly, you should measure the dimension your RV.

Secondly, you choose the weather condition and situation you want to use it. Thirdly, be sure about the style, design and base material. After that you can pick the best class B RV cover.

After making all the necessary arrangements and doing all the measurements, buy the most fit one for you. In addition, check the warranty, quality and customer reviews of the cover before buying it.

We have listed top rated covers for class B RVs below. Most importantly, all these have strong and authentic customer reviews. They are durable and can sustain harass weather. Moreover, they have long life comparing other regular types covers.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class B RV Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class B RV Cover

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Our first pick of the covers list is Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class B RV Cover. Instead of a regular design, it is specifically built to fit class B RVs only.

This cover fits perfectly for RVs ranging 20-23 feet while having a height of 117 inch. Hem corners are elasticized and the back and front tension panels are adjustable. In other words, these 2 features will enable custom fitting and tight fitting.

PolyPro sides ensure quick drying along with fixed air vent will keep the motor home moisture and air free. The top has 3 layers and sides have 1 layer thick PolyPro-Ply to keep the van safe from snow, wind, rain and sun.

This is an all season RV cover, so you don’t have to worry about dirt, mild, snow, scratch or other harmful materials. It comes with easy rope attachment option along with toss bag. Therefore, you will be crawling less under the RV to set the cover.

Using the zipper panel, accessing the engine and doors will be easy. Most importantly, the cover along with all add-on accessories has 3 years product warranty. In a word, it is the best cover for Class B RV.

CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover

CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover

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CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover has comparably more height with similar sized covers. It fits well for 21-24 feet longs class B motor homes where the height is 117 inches with a width of 84 inches.

Moreover, it has AC ventilation cover at the top. This lucrative cover can sustain all weather conditions in addition it is water proof too. Further, it has unique Rear Cinching System. Using the system buckle, strap and wearing the cover becomes simple and removes slack too.

The door area of the cover has zipper panel. Therefore you can easily access the door. This top notch cover is most suitable for Roadtrek, Winnebago Era, Great West, Pleasure-Way, Airstream Interstate, Leisure Travel and other similar sized class B motor homes.

Budge Premier Class B RV Cover

Budge Premier Class B RV Cover

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Looking for a cover for class B type small around 20 feet long RV? Seems like, you have good luck. We have one for that. We recommend using Budge Premier Class B RV Cover. It fits any RV with a length of 18-21.5 feet.

However, it has less height comparing other same sized covers. That is to say, its width is 74 inches and height is 74 inches too. Therefore if your RV is tall then don’t get this. Otherwise, you will only disappoint yourself.

One of the heavy duty and most durable 300 denier Polyester is the base material of this cover. In addition, it has full height complete and easy access zipper panel. So, you can access the door without removing the cover.

Works perfectly in all 4 seasons with rough weather situation. Moreover, rope securing systems will keep your RV safe for many years. The grey colored class B mobile home cover has other smaller versions too.

Expedition RV Trailer Cover Fits Class B

Expedition RV Trailer Cover Fits Class B

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Another small sized class B mobile homes cover is the Expedition RV Trailer Cover. It works and fits perfectly for any vehicle with a length between 18-20 feet. Unlike Budge Premier cover, it has more height of 117 inches with a width 84 inches.

Moreover, it has elastic corners and quick and easy release buckles. For instance, removing and setting the cover will need less effort. This heavy duty durable UV fabric provides best protection for your RV in sunny, cold, snowing and raining condition.

In addition, Expedition RV Trailer Cover keeps the inside dry using top 3 layered cover with easy air venting option. Tie down loops have marine quality. Therefore, you don’t need to think about tearing the loops. Further, it has 3 years manufacturer warranty.

ADCO 64867 Winnebago Class B RV Cover

ADCO 64867 Winnebago Class B RV Cover

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ADCO has made many top quality vehicle covers and their ADCO 64867 Winnebago Class B RV Cover has astonishing features and quality. This cover has made keeping Winnebego in mind however it works finely with similar featured and sized RVs too.

ADCO 64867 has great reselling value in addition having superb service live. Moreover, it works on all weather conditions in every season. It has amazing breathable feature to ensure no mold and mildew.

Prevent UV rays to harm the cover, so that it will not fade or crack easily. Furthermore, it is highly durable and heavy duty. That is to say, its straps, buckles and flaps are reinforced and strong too.

Moreover, bottom, front and back buckle cinching system detach slack and block billowing. Above all, the whole Winnebago Class B RV Cover package comes with 2 years warranty.

Eevelle Goldline Class B RV Cover

Eevelle Goldline Class B RV Covers

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If you have a larger class B motor home sized around 22-34 feet, then Eevelle Goldline Cover is for you. With a dimension of 117 inches height and 84 inches width, it can accommodate and cover all heights RVs with 22-24 feet length.

Goldline always maintain superb craftsmanship and highest durability using leading manufacturing and intentional technology. This Marinex made cover has marine grade strong fabrics to provide complete mildew and water resistance.

The whole body is equipped with zipper panels. Therefore you can get all access point available. The venting uses dual flow vortex system to provide better support in strong wind while maintaining better air circulation.

Eevelle Goldline has anti-heat reflective technology to provide superior protection at night. Moreover, like all other products of Goldline, this cover has highest 5 years warranty.

End Words

Although, Class B RVs have less space and you have to set everything in small area. However, it is the most economic solution for small budget. In addition, the best cover for Class B RV will cost less comparing other class covers.

Just check for quality over quantity and make sure you get the measurement first. After everything is set, you can go forward with the cover. Unlike the, class A cover or class C cover or travel trailer cover, the best Class B RV cover easy to clean and store.