Steel vs Cast Iron Tub: Compare then Decide

You may thing both steel and cast iron tubs are same. However, they have more differences than you can think of. Therefore, you have to check for steel vs cast iron tub before choosing any of it.

Cast iron and steel are two different materials. Although, steel may be a product of iron but severely different than cast iron. Both materials are used to manufacture top quality bathtubs.

Both material used porcelain enamel coating on top of the base materials. There are various designs and shapes available to choose from. One is hardy and heavy. Another is lightweight but less durable. The prices and longevity are different also.

Therefore, you can’t just mistake with one other. Doing research before buying it exceptionally necessary. This will help you choose the best based on your requirements, needs and most importantly according to your budget.

Steel VS Cast Iron Tub: Differences

In order to fully decorate your bathroom, you will need a bathtub installed matching with the bathroom decoration and designs. You may choose fiberglass, acrylic, stone, steel or cast iron tub. There are wide variety of materials along with designs and shapes.

Here, we are discussing about cast iron and steel tubs, so we will ignore other materials. They have come with some common features however, they certainly have fundamental differences. We will discuss about both material tubs pros and cons, so that you can get the gist of steel vs cast iron tub to decide faster and efficiently.

Steel Tubs

Steel tubs are made from steel tub with enamel or porcelain coating on it. These tubs are harder and stronger than regular fiberglass or acrylic tub. However, these are heavier than them too. Steel tubs usually have standard size and shape so its good replacement for acrylic or fiberglass tubs.


  • Highly durable and strong material. Have longer lifespan comparing regular tubs materials.
  • Easy to clean surface. You can use home remedy to clean the tub or regular tub cleaner.
  • Moreover the cleaning process is simple and easy. Follow acrylic tub cleaning process.
  • Enamel coating is scratch and chip proof. However, if chip happens then steel will get rust.
  • Cheaper if you compare with cast iron bathtubs. So, better quality with same price.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and acid. Therefore, get you all time new look.
  • Many colors available to choose from. Therefore, you can buy the color matching with your bathroom design.


  • Heavier than regular acrylic or fiberglass tub. So, installation or moving around will require more manpower.
  • Expensive if you compare price with acrylic tubs. So, you need more money to buy if you wish to change your current acrylic bathtub into steel tub.
  • If chipped or scratched, then removing that will need extra care. Sometimes, if the damage is severe, you may need refurbishment or refinish.
  • Installation fees are higher than regular.
  • There aren’t many shapes and sizes available if you compare with acrylic bathtubs. So, you have to live with whatever, the market is offering.
  • Limited designs and features added. So, for extra features you have to add them separately.
  • Aren’t as deep as cast iron tubs.

Cast Iron Tubs

As the name suggest, cast iron is the base material where porcelain enamel coating on the surface. Moreover, the coating mix with the cast iron completely. Thick coating ensures no scratch and chip.

Usually, longer lasting among all other material tubs. It can last for a few decades at least. In addition, these tubs have higher depth to ensure neck deep bathing. Heavier and extremely durable. Most expensive tub material in the market.


  • Heavy and highly durable. Usually, nothing can harm the tub. However, strong pressure can harm the enamel coating.
  • Vintage and classic design. Makes the whole bathroom looks classy. Improve overall bathing experience and feelings.
  • Luxury design and awesome uniqueness. It makes your ordinary bathtub into a luxury one.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning using home remedy or cleaners is simple.
  • Using regular scrubbers or branded like Homitt electric scrubber is highly recommended.
  • Can retain heats longer than other materials. So, you don’t need to change chill water regularly while bathing. This tub will keep the water heat longer so that you can complete your bathing without changing water.
  • Higher bathing depth. So, you can fully insert your whole body within the tub. Awesome neck deep bathing experience.
  • Many models, designs, shapes, sizes and colors available to choose from. Moreover, it usually last longer than the house itself.


  • Too heavy for regular house. Therefore, you might need extra reinforced bathroom floor to accommodate it.
  • More expensive than other types bathtubs available. Sometimes, the cost may be more than you can bear.
  • Installation and moving requires more manpower because of its heavier weight.
  • Any chip or scratch needs extra care to remove. However, thick enamel will ensure chip resistance.
  • Refurbish or refinish will require extra cost. If chipped or scratched, sometimes normal care will not work. Requires refurbishment or refinish.
  • Although, many variants are available but not as much as the acrylic or fiberglass tubs.

End Words

After reading so far, surely you have clear ideas about steel vs cast iron tub. However, if you still need to know more, please research well. Because, after installing a tub, its always hard to remove or replace them.

Both tubs have higher durability and weight. But, cast iron tubs are more durable and heavy. These tubs last longer than steel tubs. However, more expensive and installation cost are higher too. Therefore, you should consider all the associated costs also.

If you need classy and luxurious look for your bathroom then cast iron bathtubs are for you. However, if you don’t have the budget for that then you can go with the steel bathtubs. Check the comparison and research well about steel vs cast iron tub before making the ultimate decision.