Best Double Towel Bar

Towel bar is a necessity in every bathroom. Double towel bar is a popular variant of it. Therefore, the best double towel bar is Delta Faucet 79725-SS based on actual facts and customer reviews.

There are many types of towel bars and rings available. Moreover, they have many designs, sizes and shapes. Most towel bars have single bar. However some have double bars or more. You can even get 5 bars towel bar on the market.

As a result, getting the best double towel bar for your bathroom will be tough. Moreover, it depends on your bathroom shape and size along with your personal preferences. Budget and design are also important factors.

We have written a detailed product review guide below. However, some of readers don’t have time to read the complete post. For those people we created a comparison table of 5 best rated double towel bars. After that, you can get the one you need.

5 Best Double Towel Bars Comparison Table

Delta Faucet 79725-SSMoen DN7722BN LoungeAmerican Standard 7353224.002 TownsendKohler K-11413-SN BancroftRozin Oil Rubbed Bronze
NameDelta Faucet 79725-SSMoen DN7722BN LoungeAmerican Standard 7353224.002Kohler K-11413-SN BancroftRozin Oil Rubbed Bronze
Size24 Inch24 Inch24 Inch24 Inch22 Inch
FinishStainless SteelBrushed NickelPolished ChromePolished NickelOil Rubbed Bronze
Weight2.4 Pounds2 Pounds2.2 Pounds2.55 Pounds2.3 Pounds
MountingWall MountedWall MountedWall MountedWall MountedWall Mounted
WarrantyLifetime LimitedLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLifetime limitedNot Described
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Now we can get into the detailed product review. Before that, we must inform you that, all these products listed here have high quality. Moreover, they have higher customer reviews and satisfaction rates comparing others.

Most importantly, they are from top level manufacturers. These manufacturers have long history and great reputation. They always maintain superb quality and they keep their warranty and guarantee condition perfectly.

Delta Faucet 79725-SS

Delta Faucet 79725-SS Double Towel Bar

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Delta Faucet is one of the top 5 bathroom accessories manufacturer in the US. Their Delta Faucet 79725-SS is our pick for the best double towel bar.

This double towel bar is 24 inch long and has a glossy and eye catching Brilliance Stainless color. Moreover, it has stainless steel finish. So, it will have better lifespan and will shine all its lifetime.

The top bar will be 4.5 inches from the bathroom wall. Similarly, the bottom bar will be 7.5 inches from the wall. Moreover, this wall mounted towel bar has unique design and style comparing other double bars we can have.

In addition, this towel bar offers different sizes and colors with different finishes too. So, if you don’t like this one then check other variants of this. You don’t have to consider browsing other brands.

If you are having corner bathtub along with a rainfall shower or shower panel, then this elegant towel bar will improve the stylishness of your bathroom. Moreover, it works greatly other types of bathtub and faucets.

Like all other Delta Faucet products, this towel bar comes with complete installation and mounting accessories. Moreover, cleaning it is simple. Just use any damp cloth or towel to wipe the bar. And that’s it. No need to use any polish or scrubber on it.

With their simple installation instruction set, you can do it with confidence and ease. Moreover, all their towel bars come with a fantastic lifetime warranty period with condition applied.

Moen DN7722BN Lounge

Moen DN7722BN Lounge Double Towel Bar

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Moen is the leading bathroom accessories manufacturers in USA. Moreover, Moen DN7722BN Lounge is one of their most popular and best rated double towel bar. Similarly, this bar has a standard 24 inch size. Therefore, you can use it on your new bath or use it to replace the vintage towel bar of your bathroom.

After that, it has brushed nickel finish. Therefore, this bar has metalic look with warm grey glossy color. Moreover, it coordinates or fits perfectly with other Moen bath accessories you have already installed.

Unlike many other Moen doesn’t design anything flashy or unnecessary. All their designs and products have practical and perfect design. So, this bar will make your bathroom look simple but complete.

Similarly, this towel bar has simple installation process. In addition, all installation accessories are included with the package. Therefore, you can install it easily within a few minutes or so.

The 24 inch towel bar has 2 bars. So, you can easily hang many towels or washcloths along with other items and still have space to spare. Moreover, its simple but sleek design keeps hanging cloths or towels safe and easy to grab.

This wall mounted double towel bar has superior construction. Moreover, it is highly durable and sturdy. In addition, it is corrosion and scratch resistant. In other words, it will keep its glossy and attractive look for many years to come.

Similarly, cleaning this 24 inch towel bar is easy. Just wipe it using damp towel or cloth and that’s it. Most importantly, don’t use any cleaning liquid to clean it.

Along with the brushed nickel finish, it has another eye catching chrome finish. So, you can choose any of it. Moreover, this best double towel bar comes with conditional lifetime warranty.

American Standard 7353224.002 Townsend

American Standard 7353224.002 Townsend Double Towel Bar

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Another popular bathroom accessories and fixtures manufacturer is the American Standard. American Standard 7353224.002 Townsend is a high quality and super designed double towel bar.

This towel bar is highly durable and made using strong metal. Moreover, it has glossy polished chrome finish. Similarly, it has better longevity and working life. In addition, it comes with limited lifetime conditional warranty.

The concealed mounting will hide all the set screws. In other words, it will have a complete seamless appearance. Meanwhile this towel bar has many variants with different finishes. Therefore, you can choose the best one based on the design, requirement and look of your bathroom.

Townsend is a complete accessory set module of American Standard. So, if you are using Townsend bath accessories previously then it will set perfectly with that too. Meanwhile, it works greatly with other American Standard bath accessories and fixtures too.

Most importantly, American Standard 7353224.002 Townsend has simple installation process. Meanwhile, all installation accessories are included with the package. Moreover, this wall mounted double towel bar is 24 inch long. That means, enough space on both bars.

American Standard 7353224.002 Townsend double towel bar comes with limited lifetime warranty. Its concealing look along with pristine finish makes the whole bar comparable with the best double towel bar. In short, it is a high quality best rated double towel bar comes along Townsend bath fixtures set.

Kohler K-11413-SN Bancroft

Kohler K-11413-SN Bancroft Dual Towel Bar

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Kohler is an old and most reputable plumbing and bathroom accessories and parts and products manufacturing company. Moreover, it was founded in 1873. In other words, it has more years of history than most countries in the world.

Kohler manufactures many types of bath items and they have different types and shapes for bath towel bars too. In addition, their K-11413-SN Bancroft double towel bar has superb design and unique style while maintaining high quality and standard.

This double towel bar is 24 inch long and wall mounted. Moreover, it has concealing design and installation. In other words, you can see the set screws from outside. Therefore, increases the glossy and elegant looks of your bathroom.

K-11413-SN Bancroft has sleek design so it will go with any type of bathroom style or design. Moreover, it works perfectly with plastic made electric shower head where others don’t.

Bancroft has a variety of fixtures and faucets. So, if you have other Bancroft model bath fixtures of Kohler, this towel bar will set perfectly with that. However, this awesome quality towel bar works fine other manufacturers bath fixtures without any problem.

Like the manufacturer Kohler, this towel bar has high durability and people really believe its quality and effectiveness. It has twice durable strength of current industry standard. Moreover, it has tarnish and corrosion resistance.

This Vibrant Polished Nickel colored towel bar has chrome finish. In addition, cleaning and installing is super easy. Most importantly, this best rated double towel bar has lifetime warranty with condition.

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Bar

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There are not many bath fixtures with oil rubbed bronze finish with blackish color. And Rozin produces then best double towel bar with oil rubbed bronze finish. Moreover, it has quite bulky look with wide construction and strong metal body.

This is a wall mounted double towel bar. But you can use it as a towel rack too. Moreover, it is made of Highly durable solid brass. In other words, it has better strength and sturdiness comparing similar items.

However, it doesn’t have standard size of 24 or 30 or 18 inches. Most importantly, it is 22 inch long. Perfect, for standard size bathroom. It sets 4.3 inches from wall, so that you can use both primary and secondary towel bar at once.

The package contains the towel bar, installation instruction along with full mounting kit. Therefore, you can easily install it on your bathroom wall. Moreover, you don’t need any special help or expert to set it up with the included mounting kit.

However, the only backlog this awesome quality dual towel bar has no specific warranty. Surely, the vendor will give you a great warranty. However, you should ask them first for warranty before buying this.

Using a damp cloth or towel or use clean cloth to wipe and clean it. Moreover, you don’t need any cleaner or scrubber to clean it. Most importantly, it is simple to use and clean. And ensures elegant and stylish look to your old and simple bathroom.

Delta Faucet 77525-SS Ara

Delta Faucet 77525-SS Ara

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Another masterpiece towel bar is Delta Faucet 77525-SS Ara. Moreover, it has rack types design and features. In other words, you can use it as double towel rack bar. In addition, it fits well with all types bath fixtures from different vendors and manufacturers.

Delta Faucet 77525-SS Ara double towel bar has standard size of 24 inches. It has excellent glossy Brilliance Stainless color. However, there are two other color variants too. Matte Black and Chrome. Therefore, you can choose any of these three colors and finishes.

The outer bar is 6 inches from the wall. Where the inner bar is 3.5 inches from the wall. So, you can use both bar simultaneously without any problem. Moreover, they are easy to access and use. This wall mounted double towel rack bar has amazing design and style.

In addition, it is highly durable and sturdy. You can set it on plain wall or on tiles. You just need a corded or cordless drill machine. All other installation accessories are included within the package. Setting it up is pretty easy and it will be strong for many years like the first day.

Delta Faucet always deliver quality products. All their products have better longevity and sturdy constructions. Moreover, they ensures the quality and safety of their products. Meanwhile, like most their products, Delta Faucet 77525-SS Ara double towel bar has limited lifetime warranty.

Moen YB2422BN Method

Moen YB2422BN Method

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Moen YB2422BN Method is another top rated double towel bar from Moen. Moreover, it has a modern look with stylish design. If you are looking for top notch towel bar then this Method Towel Bar from Moen for you.

Unlike the regular sized towel bars, Moen YB2422BN Method is only 18 inches long. However, that is more than enough to accommodate 2 or more towels and washcloths on it. Also, it changes the feels and elegance of your bathroom to a whole new level.

In addition, it has 2 different finishes. One is brushed nickel attracting grey finish and another is glossy shining chrome finish. Pick whichever you like and most suite your current bathroom structure and overall design criteria.

Placing or setting it anywhere you like. You can install it on bath or kitchen you like. Most importantly, it has easy setting up feature. Above all, it works greatly on kitchen two to hang clothes or towels.

Method Collection of Moen has other types of faucets and bath or kitchen fixtures. So, this Moen YB2422BN Method double towel bar will work greatly with same collection fixtures. Similarly, cleaning and maintaining is simple like other Moen fixtures.

Moen YB2422BN Method is stainless steel made. Therefore, it is super strong and durable. Moreover, its installation process is super easy with included installation screws set. In addition, like others it comes with Moen lifetime limited warranty.

KOHLER K-10553-BN Devonshire

KOHLER K-10553-BN Devonshire

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Unlike the top Kohler K-11413-SN Bancroft, KOHLER K-10553-BN Devonshire has simple, sleek and traditional design. Meanwhile, it maintains perfect combination of modern design and excellent look. Moreover, it has standard 24 inches size.

As a best rated double towel bar, it is extremely durable. In addition, it has longer lifespan comparing similar featured towel bars. Similarly, it has corrosion resistance along with perfect vibrant brushed nickel finish.

This finish makes it glossy and super attractive. Therefore, your bathroom will have better look and feel while installing it with other Devonshire collection bathroom accessories. Cleaning it is super easy. Moreover, its fantastic design helps to improve your dull bathroom look.

KOHLER K-10553-BN Devonshire double towel bar is wall mounted. Moreover, according to its installation guide, setting it up is super easy. In addition, it is made of high quality sturdy and durable material to ensure its long life.

Similarly, like other top quality Kohler products, it has lifetime warranty with conditions. Along with other top quality bathroom fixtures, this 24 inch wall mounted double towel rack will ensure better performance from your years old bathroom.

American Standard 7105224.295 Studio S

American Standard 7105224.295 Studio S

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Having tough time to find a suitable high quality traditional designed standard sized double towel bar. Therefore, we suggest you to have a look at American Standard 7105224.295 Studio.

Studio S bath fixtures collection set contains different faucets and other bathroom fixtures. In other words, this towel bar will work perfectly with other same collection bath fixtures set.

Most importantly, it has concealed Mounting system. Therefore, you will not find any exposed screws from outside look. Highly durable metal made body will ensure long lifespan along with perfect finish.

There is enough space between the two bars. So that, you can keep more towels on each without contradicting with other. Brushed nickel finish will ensure lifetime glossiness and shiny look without fearing about rust or corrosion.

American Standard 7105224.295 Studio S towel bar package contains towel bar, installation manual along with instruction manual. Even you can install it easily by following the manual.

Cleaning only need clean cloths. Moreover, don’t use any chemical or finish related detergent to clean the towel bar. This wall mounted 24 inch double towel bar has lifetime warranty. However, based on customer reviews, you will never need to claim the warranty.

Kingston Brass BA556318SN Royale

Kingston Brass BA556318SN Royale

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Kingston Brass BA556318SN Royale is a part of Royale collections. Moreover, it is a small double towel bar. It is only 18 inches long. However, that is more than enough space to keep multiple towels and other washcloth. In addition, there is enough distance between the bars to access both separately.

The base material of this fantastic towel bar is solid brass. Therefore, it is costly than others. However, it increases reliability along with durability. Meanwhile, increases overall lifespan of this awesome designed towel bar.

Most importantly, if you are already using Royale collection bath fixtures, then it will set along perfectly. Moreover, it has simple installation process. Therefore, you can easily install it using basic hardware following the included installation guide.

Kingston Brass BA556318SN Royale is fully wall mounted and installation kit is included with the package. Above all, it has glossy and attracting Satin Nickel finish. However, no warranty is added for this awesome 18 inch double towel bar. In other words, you should ask the vendor about detailed warranty or guarantee before buying it.

Grohe 40371001 Essentials

Grohe 40371001 Essentials

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Grohe is a renowned name for bath fixtures manufacturer. In addition, Grohe 40371001 Essentials has exceptional sleek design. That works fine with any size or shape bathroom without making any dramatic change in style or overall look.

This is a one point installing 18 inch double towel bar. Unlike the above towel bars, it needs one point to install not both. So, keeping and removing towel becomes easier and simpler. This towel bar uses StarLight technology to amplify superb look and innovative style.

It is an upgrade for the most popular 40371000 model. Moreover, it uses high level sturdy and durable material. In other words, that will ensure life long stability. In addition, it has StarLight Chrome finish. So, you will not lose its shine for lifetime.

Grohe 40371001 Essentials comes with a lifetime limited warranty. However, you will hardly need to claim it. Moreover, it comes installation kit set along with a detailed manual. Therefore, you can easily set it on your bathroom wall. Enjoy a luxurious look and feel while having the best bathroom experience you can have.

AmazonBasics AB-BR822-PC

AmazonBasics AB-BR822-PC

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Another top rated double towel bar is AmazonBasics AB-BR822-PC. This towel bar is made using highly durable and strong zinc alloy. Therefore, it will have a long life. Moreover, you don’t need to think about any scratch or corrosion problem with it.

This 21 inch double towel bar has chrome finish. As a result, it will have perfect shiny and glossy look while maintaining top quality. Most importantly, its maximum weight capacity is 10 KG or 22 lb. This is something you can hardly get from other best rated double towel bars.

The package contains drywall anchors, mounting screws, installation manual and mounting brackets. Moreover, to install it, you will need 3.17mm or 1/8 inch slotted screwdriver. However, the screwdriver will not be included in the package.

AmazonBasics AB-BR822-PC has 1 year conditional warranty period. That is to say, it will work finely for many years without losing its color or style. In addition, it is certified frustration-free so you will have no complain or disturbance while using this towel bar.

Moen DN8422CH Preston

Moen DN8422CH Preston

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Unlike the brushed nickel double towel bar, Moen DN8422CH Preston series products all have chrome finish. In other words, Moen DN8422CH Preston double towel bar has glossy and shiny chrome finish. Moreover, this finish will last as long as the towel bar lifetime.

Most importantly, this towel bar has simple but attractive design while having low key dual bar. Moreover, it has standard 24 inch size. That is to say, you will get full space and functionality from this top notch towel bar.

The mounting bracket is steel made and stumped. Therefore, the towel bar will have enhanced durability and stability too. Installation process is simple. In addition, with installation manual and mounting hardware, you can install it within minutes.

Above all, its chrome finish is prefect like mirror. You can see your face in it. In short, Moen DN8422CH Preston double towel bar has awesome design, higher durability and work for a lifetime.

This superior double towel bar is wall mounted. Moen always maintain top quality and standard for all their products. Similarly, this wall mounted 24 inch double towel bar has amazing limited lifetime warranty.

Danze D441612 Plymouth

Danze D441612 Plymouth

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Danze D441612 Plymouth is a traditional designed top duality double towel bar. This whole towel bar is fully brass made. Therefore, it will have better durability and strength. Moreover, it will have superior resistance against corrosion, scratch, dirt and other problems.

That means, it will last longer than other best rated double towel bars. Meanwhile, the color and finish will be intact and you don’t have to worry about decaying the shininess and glossiness.

Both the mounting hardware and mounting template are included with the towel bar. Also, along with the simple installation guide, you can complete the full installation with minutes with just a screwdriver.

Danze Plymouth is a bath fixture collection set. You will find matching faucet and other bath accessories with it. So, you can buy a set or a single item as you prefer. Meanwhile, the whole 24 inch wall mounted double towel bar package comes with attractive lifetime warranty.

Delta Faucet 75125-SS

Delta Faucet 75125-SS

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The last item of our list is Delta Faucet 75125-SS. Delta Faucet always ensure high standard and stat for their products. Therefore, you don’t worry about the quality just your requirements only.

If it suite your requirement set, just grab it. This towel bar has standard size 24 inch long. The top bar is 3.12 inches from wall. Then, the bottom bar is 6.38 inches from wall. So, both bar has enough space between them and wall too.

In other words, you can access both bar simultaneously without touching other. Mounting accessories and manual is added with the package. So, setting it on is simple and time saving. Moreover, it is water efficient and has simplest cleaning process.

The whole Delta Faucet 75125-SS has durable and sturdy stainless steel made body. Moreover, it has stainless steel finish too. Similarly, with all other products from Delta Faucet, this amazing wall mounted 24 inch double towel bar has limited lifetime warranty.

End Words

There are many other top quality double towel bars available. Those may have similar features and quality like the listed ones. However, we made our decision long before starting this review. We will only choose the best rated double towel bars.

So, if you have any objection about our choosing process, please contact us. We welcome your honest opinion. We will make change accordingly. Before any change, this is our top pick. Please enjoy our list along with the best double towel bar and others.