Acrylic Bathtub Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Having a luxurious acrylic bathtub is one thing however you should learn about popular bathtub cleaning tips. Therefore, before getting one, you must know to keep that bathtub clean and fresh all the time.

You can use both natural options along with cleaning chemicals or detergents. But, we suggest first you use natural cleaners. After that, you can use cleaning detergents or other similar types.

Bathtub Cleaning Tips: Natural Way


You will need some natural materials and scrubbing accessories to begin with. Most importantly, you will need vinegar, lemon, baking soda, bleach and liquid dish cleaning determent.

As cleaning accessories, you need scrubbing brushes, soft sponges, cotton rags, rubber waterproof gloves, bucket, small toothbrushes or small cleaning brushes along with commercial cleaner if needed.

Cleaning Process

First, fill the bathtub with water and mix 2-4 cups of vinegar in the water. Then wait 1-2 hours so that the vinegar works on the grime.

After that, drain the whole tub and use baking soda on the wet surface. Meanwhile, all the grime will be soften and you use soft sponges to remove the grime. However, you can use specifically made acrylic bathtub scrubbers to scrub the grime to remove it completely.

Then, if any grime left around the drain pipe or faucet, use toothbrush or small brushes to clean those spot. Wash the whole tub after that.

Use lemon with bleach if any stain on the acrylic surface. Its not harmful but clean the stain with ease. For any type of stain, lime or hard water defect, lemon works perfectly. Moreover, bleach will help the process done smoothly with better efficiency.

Chemical Cleaning


There are many professional acrylic bathtub cleaners in the market to choose from. However, only choose eco-friendly and effective types only. Check out our acrylic tub cleaners list for more option.

You will need professional bathtub scrubbers to clean effortlessly. Our suggestion, you check the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubbers first then others.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning using professional cleaners is easy and simple. Although, this may be an easy pick. However, use this if the above natural bathtub cleaning tips and tricks don’t work.

First wet the whole tub with water. Then spray or use the cleaner on the bathtub. Not only the most diluted or stained parts but on every part.

Wait a few minutes to let the cleaner works its charm. After that, use the bathtub scrubbers to scrub the whole tub. When this is done, use water splash to wash the bathtub.

This will be the end of cleaning. But after washing if some places still have grimes and stains, follow the whole process again. Now, you will have a clean and completely shiny acrylic bathtub.

Some Caring Tips

  • There isn’t any specific time table about how often you should clean your bathtub. However, most experts suggest cleaning once in every week.
  • Moreover, you should always use natural cleaning first. If natural process doesn’t work, then use acrylic tub friendly cleaning detergents and cleaners.
  • Rinse after cleaning is a must to remove cleaners from the tub surface. Strong and hardy scrubbers are prohibited to use on acrylic surface. They will clean less but produce more stain on the surface.
  • Don’t smoke, drink or eat anything while using the bathtub. It may create more stains and those are hard to clean too. Use soft sponges and scrub brushes. These are good for the acrylic tub surfaces.
  • While cleaning the tub, don’t forget to clean the tub drain. This way, the drain will be clean and prevent any future stain on it. Also, make sure the drain is completely rinse.
  • After the use, rinse the tub completely. In addition, you can use polishes to keep the glossiness and shine of the tub for a long time. Use only acrylic material friendly polishes. While using polishes, make sure the whole tub is dry and out of water.
  • Before, using any chemical cleaner, make sure its specifically made for acrylic surface only. There are some all purpose cleaners. If possible, avoid them completely.

End Words

Although, cleaning a tub may require time and precaution. However, if you can follow the process, then you will have a brand new look for your bathtub.

There are some other bathtub cleaning tips you may use but those listed above are the most important ones. Most, miss any of it.

There is always option to hire a professional to do the job. But doing your own cleaning is mind refreshing and builds confidence.