Toilet Lid Decals Buying Guide

Toilet lid decals are nothing new and you should have one if needed. Similarly we pick the SuperM Put Me Down funny toilet decal for you.

Some may argue with our opinion but toilet is the most peaceful place in our home. Many innovative ideas come to mind while waiting to dumb our load in the toilet.

After huge argument with our spouse or family members, usually we need a place with calm and peace. After that, the only place come to our mind is toilet.

Toilets don’t need many decoration but it needs to be clean and working. Sometimes we need to decorate it to suit our choice and specifications.

Here comes the lid decals. We can install or add lid tattoos to make it more attractive or interesting. While sometimes we may need to put the sticker for perfect use of toilet.

Top Rated Toilet Lid Decals

There are many types of toilet lid decals. Some are signs, some are special words or instructions, some are images, some are beautiful designed stickers and many more.

So, which one should we choose? We can’t set that for you. However, we can only recommend which one to choose. The end result must be your choice and requirements.

Therefore, we picked a lot of different types and designs below to choose from. You task is to make sure what you really need then pick the right one.

Although, toilet lid stickers or decals are not expensive. However, you shouldn’t spend any penny without through consideration. So, pick wisely otherwise you have to spend again.

Our Top Pick

SuperM Put Me Down

SuperM Toilet Lid Decal

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Our first pick is from SuperM toilet lid tattoo decal. It has a simple design and simple remark “Put Me Down”. Moreover, its sleek design makes it more attractive.

Keeping your bathroom clean and bad odorless is not something you can get easily. You have to make cleaning a habit and always keep the toilet lid down after using it.

However, many will agree that putting down the toilet lid isn’t easy for many. Some may always forget or others just ignore it. But, keeping a sign can solve this problem.

This is a standard size toilet lid sticker. In addition, it fits well on any single or dual flush toilet. Above all, you can place it on any clean surface like toilet lid, tank, seat, wall or even on bathroom door.

This toilet lid sticker is made of transparent high quality PVC. Moreover, it has a size or 4 inch by 10 inch (10X24 cm). The package contains 2 stickers.

The decal is reusable and you can easily clean it. Please apply it on clean surface so that it doesn’t leave any dirt or damage mark after removing. Overall, it is simple and great to use.

Cleaning it simple and this decal will not disturb your toilet cleaning process. Toilet scrubber can easily clean its surface and the toilet without leaving any germ or dirt on it. Also, all types of cleaning products can’t harm it.

Most Popular Toilet Lid Stickers

Toilet Tattoos Toilet Seat Cover Decal

Toilet Tattoos Toilet Seat Cover Decal

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Looking for a full body toilet seat cover decal sticker? Then you should pick one from Toilet Tattoos. All their products have top notch design and high quality material and construction. Makes these decals sturdy and durable.

This sticker has really attractive design. It will increase your overall bathroom look and feel. Simple to apply. Just clean the toilet lid and put the decal on it. Have an elegant and fantastic look in seconds.

Like many others it is not made of PVC. Most importantly, this electrostatic vinyl film made decal uses no adhesive. In other words, you can use them many times as you see fit. Also, cleaning it simple, just wipes clean it.

All Toilet Tattoos decals are made in the USA. This awesome tattoo is fully hygienic and completely safe to use. There are 2 sizes available for both elongated and round toilets. So, please make sure which size and shape your toilet is, then order it.

Above all, it’s good all standard toilet seat or lid however, please apply water while setting it on plastic lids. After that, pleas don’t use it on uneven toilet lids or brown soft toilet lids. Similarly, avoid using it on wooden toilet lids.

The elongated version is 12 inch wide and 15 inch long. However the round one isn’t fully round. It is 12 inch wide and 13.5 inch long. Therefore, it works well on standard toilet shapes and sizes. However, if you have different size and shape, please discuss with the vendor before buying it.

Epic Designs Bathroom Toilet Sticker Decal

Epic Designs Bathroom Toilet Sticker Decal

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Not everyone likes clean and simple toilet. Sometimes, we like to decorate our toilet with unique design and fully customized images and stickers. Therefore, you will surely like this fishing toilet bathroom sticker tattoo decal.

This simple toilet tank sticker is 6 inch long and 5 inch wide. You can set it on the toilet tank or side of the toilet tank. You can either choose lid top or bottom or even the seat. Moreover, you can set it on the toilet itself.

This vinyl made sticker has simple fishing design and black color. In addition, it is made of high quality vinyl so it will have longer lifespan comparing similar stickers. Simply installing this sticker will make your bathroom ordinary to a stylish one.

Detailed installation instruction are included with the package. However, it is easy to set it on. Make sure, the surface is clean, water less and even. Also, the package only contains the sticker but no toilet seat or lid.

Before buying, make sure you are buying from Epic Designs. Because, all their products have superior and extreme design while maintaining above standard quality. Moreover, all their products are manufactured completely in the US.

Epic Designs have many types of products. All their products are fully branded and trademarked. So, you can’t just copy or edit their design. However, all their effort for complete customer satisfaction and they don’t compromise with it.

SNNplapla Put Me Down

SNNplapla Put Me Down

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Put the toilet lid down after using it. We all want it. Because, it will keep the bathroom bad odorless or less smelly. Moreover, you can walk around with satisfaction without looking into the toilet flush or bottom.

We may use a decal or tattoo or sticker on the lid or tank to make people notice about it. However, regular toilet decals may not attract or get attention enough. Therefore, you will need a flashy toilet lid sticker that will get people’s attention.

And then comes the SNNplapla Put Me Down sticker. This luminous sticker is cute and super sexy. Makes the whole experience amazing and humorous. Moreover, it fits on any bathroom or toilet. However, it is ideal for toilet seat or lid.

This PVC made toilet seat decal is 6.7 inch long and 3.55 inch wide. Perfect fit or elongated or round toilet. The color or brightness may vary with the original package based on the monitor or light available on your end.

After that, setting it on the right place is super easy. Moreover, please keep the place clean and water less before attaching it on. Whether in bright light or dim light, this decal will shine highly to get people’s attention.

Therefore, people will keep the toilet lid down more often. The pattern of the sticker is separate. So, you can set it differently. In other words, you can get many funny combination of this shiny luminous toilet lid stickers.

Hippoly Halloween Toilet Seat Sticker

Hippoly Halloween Toilet Seat Sticker

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While, we may not like it all year long, but in Halloween we always want to do something new. More scary and extremely funny. However, with less time to prepare, we can’t always do what we decided earlier.

Moreover, some preparations requires extra care and time that we don’t always have. For people who have less time to decorate their bathroom or toilet for Halloween, Hippoly Halloween Toilet Seat Sticker is for them.

This is a rat 3D toilet seat decal ideal for Halloween use. The sticker is reusable and sticking it is simple too. Please just peel the sticker and stick it on dry and smooth toilet seat or lid. Press with soft cloth to keep the air bubble out of it.

You can even attach it on the bathroom wall or door. However, for the best use, toilet seat is most suitable. This funny decal easy to use and easy to dispose. Moreover, it is 100% eco-friendly. In addition, it is made of high quality PVC.

This toilet decal has longer lifeline and you can reuse it many times. However, it is made thinking for Halloween only. So, after the use you can just dispose it as you see fit. Similarly, we can say that it will fully change the scary nature of your calm toilet.

Hatop Toilet Lid Sticker

Hatop Toilet Lid Sticker

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Hatop Toilet Lid Sticker decal is 6.5 inch long and 4.92 inch wide (16.5cm X 12.5cm). Although, you can attach or stick it on the lid. However, it is most suitable for toilet tank, wall and door. So, stick it on anywhere you like.

Sticking it is super easy. Just stick it on the wall or door and peel it slowly. This toilet wall decal has longer lifespan. Moreover, it is highly durable and PVC made. So, you can clean it with cleaning pad without having it ruined.

Moreover, they are easily removable. So, if you don’t like it just remove it. Also, you can adjust the sticker position while peeling and sticking it.

The whole package contains the toilet door decal only. This decal or tattoo is 100% original, brand new and unique. In addition it has simple design and look. However, it will increase the look of your bathroom while maintaining high quality.