Best Rain Shower Head

In search of the best rain shower head, we reviewed different types of shower heads in addition, we interviewed many users and expert professionals. Then we got the short list of high quality shower heads of different features. In conclusion of our research we happily announce that the HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead is the best rainfall shower head.

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews

Rain shower heads are the type of shower head where the water falls like natural rain thus comes the name. These shower heads have different types based on the water pressure, shower head design, shape, sizes and materials. Among all these varieties it is really hard to find the best rainfall showerhead.

Though we choose HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead as the best rainfall shower head. That doesn’t mean that other shower heads don’t have high quality and features. They also have high standard but according to our research and quality requirements, that is the best there is.

Top 10 Rain Shower Heads Comparison Chart

In this section we created a top 10 shower heads list. This list is for better understanding and gathering important and quality rain shower heads in one place. Check the list only if you have no time to read the complete post. And, based on your requirements and budget you can choose whichever you like.

However we strongly recommend you read the complete review. You will get enough knowledge and info to comply with your requirements and bathroom settings. And that way the effort of Duly Reviewed team will come into fruition consequently.

Moen S6320Moen S63208"RoundWallBrassChrome2.5 GPM100
HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square ShowerheadHotelSpa Giant10"SquareWallStainless SteelSolid Brass2.5 GPM100
SomovWorld Shower Head Rainfall High Pressure 6”SomovWorld High Pressure6"RoundWallABSChrome5 GPM90
Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN 8-Inch Square Soft Rain 2.5 GPM Shower HeadVida Alegría Spashower8"SquareDualABSBrushed Nickel2.5 GPM144
DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld ShowerDreamSpa 14327"RoundWallABS, Stainless SteelChrome2.5 GPM81
Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling MountedRozin Ceiling Mounted20"SquareCeilingStainless SteelChrome2 GPM400
Esnbia Shower System 12″ Rain Shower Systems Wall Mounted Shower ComboEsnbia Shower Systems12"SquareWallStainless Steel, BrassBrushed Nickel2.5 GPM112
Hiendure 12-inch Square High Pressure Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel Rain Bath ShowerHiendure Square12"SquareDualStainless SteelChrome2.5 GPM144
KiaRog 12 Inch Rain Brushed Nickel Shower HeadKiaRog 12 Inch12"SquareDualStainless SteelBrushed Nickel2.5 GPM256
DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall Shower-HeadDreamSpa AquaFan12"CurvedWallABSChrome2.5 GPM123

Editor’s Pick

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead

Moen S6320

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Before we talk about the best overall rain shower, we must talk about our editor picks. Meanwhile our editor’s pick is the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead. In addition, its features and stylishness is comparable with our best pick.

Moen S6320 has chrome finish. As a result, it is reflective like regular mirror. Therefore, it works like a charm in any decoration bathroom. It has powerful rinse with original Immersion Technology of Moen.

Moreover, it can produce rain shower three times pressurized than regular rain shower. The 8 inch shower head cover large area. For example, your full body will feel the rainfall under this shower head. In addition, the single level helps you control the water flow. As a result, you can control the temperature along with the flow.

Moen always manufactures high quality products while keeping the installation process hassle free. Similarly, Moen S6320 has simple installation process. Certainly, you can install it with ease. Moreover, it has conditional lifetime warranty.

You can also alternate the water flow like centralized water flow or full water flow as you see fit. However, this wall mounted brass made shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. In other words, if you have water shortage then its not for you. Finally, we can say that Moen S6320 is the best rainfall shower head as our Editor’s pick.

Top Rated Rain Showers

Best Overall Rain Shower Head

HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead

HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead

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We pick the HotelSpa Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead as our best overall shower head. There are some shower heads those have higher and exceptional features and some are expensive too.

Most importantly we want to pick a rain showerhead that has all necessary features of a perfect shower head. Moreover, that must have comparable price too. This showerhead has all the features and functionality to be the best rain shower. We are confident that you will agree with our decision.


A research showed that, more than 20% top rated SPA and hotels uses HotelSpa Giant 10″ Showerhead. Because of its high quality features and longevity. The full body heavy-duty shower head is made of 304 stainless steel. It is sturdy and durable, scratch and stain resistant.

HotelSpa Showerhead is a 10 inch square shower head with 100 nozzles. Water flows equally from all 100 nozzles and give you similar satisfaction like real heavy rain. It is easy to clean and comes with slimline and fashionable square design and style.

The joint nut provides easy and simple connection. The chrome polished finish is highly appealing for the bathrooms total design. You can easily adjust the shower head for your preferred angle.

This shower head comes with 11 inch height/angle adjustable solid brass extension arm. The arm will provide extra comfort and options for different angles and heights. As a result, you will experience soaking, soothing, rainfall and other water fall feelings.

You can easily adjust the angle and height of the adjustable arm and you can easily adjust the range vertically around 2 feet. Further, you can change the angle to 180 degree from the brass joint and it is chrome polished. Moreover you can easily tighten the joint to hold heavier shower heads.

The whole HotelSpa Giant 10″ Square Showerhead with solid brass adjustable extension arm package comes with limited lifetime warranty. However, if you buy this from unauthorized sources then the warranty will be void. So, make sure to buy from authorized vendors only to get the limited lifetime warranty.

Best Budget Rain Shower Head

WYJP 12 Inch Large Square Rain Showerhead

WYJP 12 Inch Large Square Rain Showerhead

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If you are looking for the best budget rain shower including all high level features and quality. In addition, has lower but affordable price. Then we suggest WYJP 12 Inch Large Square Rain Showerhead with chrome finish.

It is the best rain shower head for the money available on the market along with all high quality features, functions and designs. This 12″ shower head has an unique square design to provide best feels of rainfall to its users.


WYJP Rainfall Shower has exceptional slimline design and ergonomic high-fashion style. Many high-end SPA, hotels and residences use this premium quality 12″ square rainfall shower. The shower head has large size with ultra-thin design.

In addition this shower size is 12″ by 12″ however the thickness is 2 mm only. Above all, it has a total 144 nozzles made of silicon and provides high pressure rainfall water. This 12 inch shower head comes with swivel ball connector. Meanwhile, fixing and adjusting the water fall direction to any angle is easy and simple for you.

WYJP Rainfall 12″ Shower Head has exceptional and high quality designs, look and features. Subsequently, will add luxury and attractive looks in your bath like luxury SPA and hotel baths. You can easily clean this 100% stainless steel made 12 inch shower head.

Moreover, installing this premium quality rain shower head is super easy and you can do it in seconds only. This whole package comes with a 2 years warranty. That is to say, we can ensure that it will be fully functional for many more years to come.

Different Types

You can find many types of rain shower heads available to choose from and these types can have unlimited numbers. So, how to differentiate and categorize these shower head types.

We have tried to categorize types of this shower head based on different aspects like size, shape, waterfall, functionality, design etc. Hope you can get a broader idea about this shower head types after checking all these options.

Types of Rain Showers

Based on the Shape 4 types:

  1. Square have same dimension and they are one type of rectangle. This is the most common type shower head available on the market.
  2. Circle or Round are round in shape and comes with different sizes. This type shower heads are also available.
  3. Rectangular are another type of shower head that is popular and available too. This type has different width and height.
  4. Curved aren’t available with many designs and styles. Curved showerheads are usually square or rectangular.

Showerhead Materials 6 types:

  1. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS shower head is made of ABS, one type of hard and sturdy plastic. ABS is the most used shower head material after stainless steel.
  2. Stainless Steel Shower Heads are usually made of 304 premium quality stainless steel. They are longer lasting and strong comparing other shower head materials.
  3. Brass Shower Heads are common and they have less durability and strength than stainless steel shower heads but more longevity.
  4. Copper Shower Heads are also available and they comes with specific designs and features.
  5. Bronze Showerheads is easy to find too. However, there are fewer models available.
  6. Aluminium Shower Heads are common to and cheaper than other types but have less life time comparing others.

Other Types

Based on the Finish 3 different types:

  1. Chrome finished shower heads are glossy and usually come with 1 color.
  2. Brushed Nickel Shower Heads are another popular type of rain shower where the finish is brushed nickel.
  3. Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head is also a popular rain shower type.

Water Pressure 2 different types:

  1. High Pressure Rain Shower produces high pressure rainfall like heavy rain.
  2. Low Pressure Rain Shower produces low pressure waterfall like drizzle.

Functionality and Design 3 different types:

  1. LED Rain Shower Heads have lighting feature included with the shower head. Some LED shower heads requires battery to produce the lights and the battery needs to be charged. On the other hand, there are some modern LED rain showers without battery.
  2. Rain Showerhead Combo or Dual Rain Showerhead comes with 2 shower heads. One is typical rain showerhead and other can be same or handheld shower head or other types of shower head.
  3. Regular Rain Shower comes with base designs and features of rain shower.

Shower Head Mounting System 3 types:

  1. Ceiling Mounted rain Showerheads are attached with the ceiling of your bathroom.
  2. Wall Mounted Rainfall Showerheads are attached with the wall of your bathroom.
  3. Handheld Rain Showerheads are a type of handheld shower head that produces rainfall instead of regular high pressure waterfall.

Best Rated Rain Shower Features

Common Features

When searching for the best rain shower head, first you should check for the best rated rain shower features. Because you can’t differentiate good or bad rain showers unless you know the features of the best shower head. We have listed the most popular or top rated features below. We are hoping to give you enough option to choose from for your desired premium quality rain showerheads.

  • Size: Make sure your bathroom has enough space to fit your desired sized rain shower. Buy the best fit rainfall shower based on your bathroom size.
  • Bathroom Height: Make sure your bathroom has enough height to set the rain showerhead. If you have low height bathroom then avoid using ceiling mounted showerhead instead buy regular or wall mounted shower head.
  • Waterfall Pressure: Make sure your rain showerhead has high quality waterfall pressure control and spray evenly with all its nozzles to maintain same waterfall pressure all the time.
  • Pressure Control: Many high quality rain showers have different options for producing different water pressures. In other words, you can get all types of rainfall feels from a single rain showerhead.
  • Strength: Most reputed shower head manufacturers produce high quality, durable, sturdy and strong shower heads. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the quality if you buy from reputed vendors. However, if you can check high quality features and function then you can buy the best rain shower head for the money. Even from newer vendors with comparably cheaper prices.
  • Style and Finish: Make sure you choose the best style and design to suite your needs and bathroom design. There are chrome finished, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, LED shower head etc to choose from. Consequently choose the top rated rain shower only.

Other Features

  • Lighting: Some rain showers come with built-in lighting feature. Different lighting options with rainfall shower can make your day. Check first, whether it requires external power source or battery to operate LED rainfall shower head. There are some advanced LED rain showers, which operate with water current not external power source or battery. They are expensive but helpful for longer run.
  • Warranty: Most of the top rated rain showerheads come with warranty for different years. Some even offer lifetime warranty, but most of the warranty are limited or conditional. Therefore, make sure what the warranty covers before buying the rain shower head.
  • Cleaning: Some shower heads have auto cleaning feature, so you don’t need to clean it. Some need regular cleaning. Read the users manual about how to clean your shower head before start cleaning.
  • Installation: Most of the available rain showers come with easy installation features but some have complex installation features too. In those situation, you may have to hire an expert to install the rain shower. So, read the rain shower head review carefully before choosing it for your bathroom.

Top Rated Rain Shower System Reviews

Top Rated Rain Shower Reviews

So, how to choose the best rain shower head? And the answer is reading top rated rain shower reviews. You can read the product description provided by the vendor but there aren’t always enough info in the product description.

Therefore, your next reliable source of info is reading authentic rain shower reviews from reliable source and that’s where Duly Reviewed team comes. We personally check and reviewed each product listed here. Moreover all the info we provided about different rain showerhead models are authentic and proven.

We tried to categorize all the rain showerheads listed here based on your main features. So, if you want specific oil rubbed bronze shower head or brushed nickel shower head or high pressure shower head or dual rain shower head or others, you can just choose from that category.

Here you can get all types of rainfall shower heads listed to choose the best fit and perfect design shower head. Meanwhile, these shower heads will increase the luxurious and elegant view and feel of your bathroom.

High Pressure Shower Head

SomovWorld Shower Head Rainfall High Pressure 6”

SomovWorld Shower Head Rainfall High Pressure 6”

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Whenever you search for a rainfall shower head, you have a common question that will the shower head have high pressure rainfall feature. That is to say, to solve the problem we give you the best high pressure rainfall shower head. It is the SomovWorld Shower Head Rainfall High Pressure 6”.

SomovWorld Shower Head has elegant design and exceptional quality and features. This works as the best for high pressure showerhead but it works greatly with low water pressure too.

SomovWorld 6” Shower Head comes with removable water restrictor. As a result, you can adjust water pressure to get the ultimate rainfall shower experience. The nozzles are made of silicone jets with anti-clogging feature.

So so hard water and lime deposits can be prevented easily as the nozzles are self-cleaning. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the nozzles periodically. Really easy to install, you just have to add it to the shower arm. After that, simple cleaning and made of longer lasting Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) made showerhead.

The SomovWorld Shower Head – 6” High Pressure Rainfall has extra water filter and teflon tape. Sometimes the package contains special offers and accessories for the customers. This 6 inch high pressure shower head doesn’t come with a definite warranty. You should ask the vendor about warranty before buying it.

Low Water Pressure Rainfall Sower

Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN 8-Inch Square Soft Rain 2.5 GPM Shower Head

Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN 8-Inch Square Soft Rain 2.5 GPM Shower Head

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Are you having trouble to find the best rain shower head for low water pressure? Then you can have a look at the Vida Alegría Spashower RAIN 8-Inch Square Soft Rain 2.5 GPM Shower Head. According to our Duly Reviewed team research, we announce with confidence that Vida Alegría Spashower is the best rainfall showerhead for low water pressure.

This 8 inch rain shower head has 144 flexible silicone made Jet nozzles. These jets will provide you soft, relaxing, soothing, consistent, evenly-distributed water flow. Therefore it will require steady water pressure to work perfectly and evenly.

Vida Alegría Spashower brushed nickel rain shower has durable ball joint and sturdy solid and strong brass connector. This connector can work forever without any crack and scratch. This 8″X8″ square shower head is made of brushed nickel. As a result, it has weight around 1 pound so you will need a strong and solid support for the shower head.

It is better fit as ceiling mounted shower head because ceiling has the capability to hold 1 pound of higher weighted brushed nickel square shower head for low water pressure. The whole package comes with teflon tapes. Meanwhile, other small accessories and additional recommended products along with showerhead will come with. The showerhead has 3 years of warranty and the full warranty is unconditional.

Rain Shower Head Combo

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

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Do you want dual shower heads or shower head combo, one is a rainfall shower head wall or ceiling mounted and another is handheld shower head? Then you should research for the best rain shower head combo.

We did some research and find that the DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower is the best dual rainfall shower head or best rainfall showerhead combo. This exquisite rainfall showerhead has beautiful chrome finish for elegant and luxury looks.

DreamSpa 1432 satisfies all needs for an extremely efficient rainfall dual shower head. It comes with 7 inch wall mounted rainfall showerhead along with 4 inch handheld high power shower head. The handheld shower head comes with 7 different settings named power rain, water saving pause, hydro mist, rain or mist, pulsating massage, rain or message and ECO rain.

So, you can have 7 different feels of water with one handheld shower head along with the round shaped wall mounted high pressure shower head. DreamSpa 1432 comes with rub-clean jets nozzles. In addition with 3-zone click lever dial. Meanwhile you can easily adjust the angle of the high pressure rainfall showerhead.

5 Feet stainless steel made high quality and highly durable shower hose along with hose nuts are included with the package. This whole package comes with lifetime warranty but there are certain condition applied with the lifetime warranty. Therefore, it is better to check the warranty conditions before buying the DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall and Handheld Shower combo.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

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There are various sizes and types of ceiling mounted shower heads available to choose from. And the Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower is our top pick as the best ceiling mounted rain shower head.

Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower is good for couple combined shower and more than enough for single person luxury shower. This ceiling mounted 20″ rain shower head is made of brass and has polished chrome finish. Therefore, ensures longevity and extra elegant and astonishing look as a luxurious shower head.

It has mounting points on 4 corners and you can easily add ropes or steel wire for ceiling mounting with the 4 hooks. Rozin 20 Inches Rain Shower’s water fall rate is 2 GPM more than enough for full rainfall shower head. Low to no sound producing shower head and you can easily install and clean the shower head.

Rozin Bathroom Ceiling Mounted 20 Inches Rainfall Showerhead can set perfectly with 1/2″ standard water point for shower. This 20 Inch rain shower head comes with rubber gasket and ball joint. So adjusting for different positions and angle with perfect fittings is easy and simple.

Though, this ceiling mounted 20 Inch shower head has no defined warranty. But you can always ask the vendor for warranty and other options.

Wall Mounted Rainfall Showerhead

Esnbia Shower System 12″ Rain Shower Systems Wall Mounted Shower Combo

Esnbia Shower System 12″ Rain Shower Systems Wall Mounted Shower Combo

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Wall mounted shower heads are available with different options and features. But if you want wall mounted rain shower system then you can have less option to choose from. Because most rain shower systems are ceiling mounted.

We researched 20 available wall mounted rainfall showerheads and the Esnbia Shower System 12″ Rain Shower Systems Wall Mounted Shower Combo is the best wall mounted rain shower system. It has premium quality features, brushed nickel finish and faucet included.

This wall mounted rain shower combo set comes with a 12″ rain shower head along with handheld shower. The 12″ shower head is made of 304 stainless steel where the handheld shower head is made of brass. Brass made shower arm is 16 inch long and stainless steel made shower hose is 1.5 meter long.

Both water control valve and shower holder is made of brass. So, the whole wall mounted rain shower combo set package contains rain shower head, handheld shower head, shower hose, shower arm, water control valve and shower holder.

The water pressure can be increased about 100% with both handheld and 12 inch shower head and whole setting is concealed. Meanwhile it will surely provide high pressure shower with low water pressure.

Therefore, you can just say, it is one of the best low water pressure rain shower system. This brushed nickel Esnbia Shower System set is highly durable and sturdy and comes with 5 years full warranty.

Square Rainfall Showerhead

Hiendure 12-inch Square High Pressure Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel Rain Bath Shower

Hiendure 12-inch Square High Pressure Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel Rain Bath Shower

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Most of the available rain showerheads have square spray face. So, if you want to get a square rainfall showerhead then you can get any high quality rain shower system you may find. But if you want our opinion about the best rainfall square shower head. Then we will suggest you the Hiendure 12-inch High Pressure Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel Square Rain Bath Shower Head.

This is the best 12 inch square rain shower system with premium quality features and high pressure rainfall shower. Hiendure 12-inch High Pressure bath shower is made of high quality 304 stainless steel . It has glossy and long lasting chrome finish for luxurious looks and feels like hotels and SPAs at your own bathroom.

This 12 inch square rain shower head comes with 196 easy cleanable silicon made nozzles and it will ensure ultra thin high pressure rainfall shower and you will surely love it. No extra accessories are included with this shower head so you have to get yourself necessary accessories if needed.

Also, no warranty is defined for Hiendure 12-inch High Pressure Ultra Thin Square Rain Bath Shower. Therefore, you should ask the vendor about the warranty before buying this high quality 12 inch square rain bath shower head.

Brushed Nickel Finished Rain Shower System

KiaRog 12 Inch Rain Brushed Nickel Shower Head

KiaRog 12 Inch Rain Brushed Nickel Shower Head

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Searching for a specific brushed nickel finished rain shower then you must view the KiaRog 12 Inch Rain Brushed Nickel Shower Head. This is a high quality, elegant, stylish with gorgeous modern designed giant shower.

This shower head can ensure high lifestyle improvement at your home and bathroom. It is not like other ordinary rainfall shower head but stainless steel made brushed nickel shower head.

KiaRog Rain Brushed Nickel Shower Head is really large. This square rain shower head has a size 12″ and it is only 2 mm thin. This 12 inch brushed nickel shower head’s base material is 304 high quality stainless steel where the surface is brushed nickel.

The overall finished product provides elegant look and perfect working for long years to come without the fear of stain or scratch. This 12 inch rain shower head has 256 JET silicone made nozzles to ensure high quality and pressure of rainfall

Cleaning the nozzles and shower head is really easy. This square rain brushed nickel shower head comes with lifetime repair warranty where it gets 3 years parts exchange warranty for defective parts.

LED Rain Shower Head

DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall Shower-Head

DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall Shower-Head

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DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall Shower-Head is one of the best LED rain shower heads available. It has relatively low price with high specs and functionality. This color changing LED rainfall showerhead has exceptional features and color changing option as the best led shower head with temperature sensor.

This 12″ LED rain shower system has an unique curved fan design and it contains rub free and easy to clean 123 JET nozzles. LED shower head is different than electric shower head. Because electric shower heads need continuous electricity to operate.

DreamSpa AquaFan is fix mounted and it requires no battery to run because it runs on the water flows. This led shower head with temperature sensor can change colors based on water temperature or water flow speeds.

This is a high pressure rain shower head with color changing facility and it adds elegant look on your ordinary looking bathroom and great as a gift for your teenage children or friend. This wall mounted LED shower head has curved design and installing it fairly easy if you can understand the user instruction set.

High quality premium chrome plated ABS is the base material of this 12″ LED Shower system for modern bathroom. You can have great feel of bath and SPA from the DreamSpa AquaFan Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head. It is really easy to clean and it comes with limited 1 year warranty.

Rain Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head

Hiendure 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Round Rainfall Shower Head

Hiendure 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Round Rainfall Shower Head

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Getting the best rain oil rubbed bronze shower head is fairly easy because if you choose just the Hiendure 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Round Rainfall Shower Head. It is the best oil rubbed bronze ceiling mounted shower system in the market as Amazon marked it their best pick.

This round shaped rain shower has great longevity and high quality because of its oil rubbed stainless steel construction. Hiendure 12 Inch shower head has full body oil rubbed bronze type finish and it ensures high pressure calm water fall with its 12 inch diameter large spray area.

If you are looking for square oil rubbed bronze rain shower head then you must not pick it because it has traditional round shaped spray face. This 1.8 KG rain showerhead doesn’t contain extra accessories within the package so you should buy necessary accessories while buying this shower head.

Hiendure 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Shower Head easily fit with standard 1/2 inch water connection. And if you can understand the user manual then it is fairly easy for installing and cleaning. This brushed bronze finished round rain shower system comes with limited lifetime warranty so that’s a feature you usually don’t get often.

Rain Shower Head FAQs

What is a Rain Shower Head?

As the name suggests, a rain showerhead produces waterfall like rain. It is a great alternative of your traditional shower head. You can feel like real rainfall while showering in your bathroom. Usually rain showers are large and ceiling mounted but there are some rain shower systems those are wall mounted.

You may find many rain shower heads having small sizes like 4 inch to 7 inch but typical rain showers have sizes from 8 inch to 24 inch. If you want more than 24 inch rain shower systems then you should make custom order of your desired sized shower head.

Most of the shower heads come with different settings. So, you can easily adjust the water pressure of your rain shower as you like. You either like afternoon light drizzle or heavy rainfall at night, as we said earlier you can choose what type of rainfall feel you want.

Rain shower systems are easy to install and clean. Moreover maintaining it no hard job either. Because of its large size it can easily cover your whole body with easy and there are dual rain shower head combos too so you can different types of feels for all over your body.

Rain Shower Head vs Regular

What is the difference between rainfall and regular shower head? Its a common question we all come across. There are certain differences between them and you should know these differences before making your decision.

We have listed some points about rain shower head vs regular shower head. These listed points are the main differences between them and surely help you decide which one is good for you.

Points to ConsiderRain Shower HeadRegular Shower Head
SizeRain Shower Heads are usually large.Regular Shower Heads are usually smaller than rain shower heads.
Bathroom SizeRain shower heads require larger bathroom to set and work perfectly.Regular Shower Heads are good for small bathroom.
Bathroom HeightYou have to set the rain shower head horizontally so your bathroom must have extra height to set the rainfall shower head.Regular Shower Heads can fit easily regular height bathrooms.
Drainage SystemRainfall shower heads usually use a lot of water at a time so you need better drainage system to get the water out otherwise it will be flooded.There is no problem with regular drainage system.
Water UsesRain shower heads use a lot of water at a time so if you have water limitation then it is not a good fit for you.Regular Shower Heads uses low amount of water than rain shower heads.
Water PressureUsually rain shower heads have gentle water pressure but there are many rain shower heads that produce high water pressure as you want.Regular Shower Heads produce high pressure water fall.
PriceRain shower heads are expensive comparing with regular shower heads.Regular shower heads are cheaper comparing with rain shower heads.

Rain Shower System Pros and Cons

Rainfall Showerhead Pros and Cons

Rainfall showerheads great to have and you can have real rainfall feels and complex soothing feelings of rainfall and most people really like this. But that doesn’t mean it has no disadvantage.

Like other products there are some advantages and disadvantages of rainfall showerheads. Therefore, you should check on the rain shower system pros and cons before making your final decision.


  • Large and Full body shower
  • Comes with different sizes
  • Comes with different water pressure settings
  • Great for real rainfall feelings
  • Has many sizes and shapes
  • Has high quality finish for having luxury looks
  • Great for showering more people at a time


  • Expensive
  • Cost a lot more water than regular
  • Requires strong mounting system for setting the shower head
  • Requires more space than regular
  • Not ECO friendly

Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It?

We all know about rain shower heads and how much it costs and how much water you will need to use it perfectly. So, there comes a question, are rain shower systems worth it really? The answer depends on your situation and perspective.

If you want to feel real rainfall while showering, you don’t have any budget problem, you have enough water to spend for showering then rain shower systems is for you. But if you have any of the three listed problem or you are too conservative using excessive water then you should transfer you decision about regular or handheld shower heads instead of rainfall showerheads.

Rain showerheads can become a good and suitable alternative for luxurious bathtubs like the acrylic bathtubs so you should choose carefully. Sometimes, you may need to connect the tankless water heater with the showerhead water source, when the regular temperature is low so you should keep that in mind too.

What Size Rain Shower Head is Best for Me?

There are many sizes and shapes available for rain showerheads and its size starts from 4″ to 24″ or more but if a shower head has a size less than 8″ size then that can’t be considered as a complete rain shower head.

Rain showerheads sizing 8″ to 20″ are the most common. You should keep your bathroom size and water availability into consideration while choosing the best rain showerhead.

We highly recommend you to buy either 12″ rain showers but if you have enough space then you can go for 16″ rain shower systems. But if you have space and water restrictions then you can go for 10″ rain showers.

Largest Rain Shower Head

What is the Largest Rain Shower Head?

Rain showerheads sizing over 20″ are usually known as large rain shower heads and usually 24″ rain showers is the highest size for bulk made rain shower heads. There is an option for custom made rain showers of any size and you can choose any size you prefer.

If you are going to buy without making custom orders then you can choose the Rozin® Bathroom Oversize 24 Inch Square Rainfall Shower Head. Most importantly it is the largest rain shower head you can find on any store or online.

Do Rain Shower Heads Use More Water?

Does rain shower use more water? It is a silly question to ask. Of-course rain shower systems use more water than regular shower heads. For example, rain showerheads usually have large size with a lot of silicon made nozzles.

In other words, they spend a lot of water but if you are using same size regular showerhead and rain showerhead then the answer can be different. Rain shower heads usually have lower water pressure than regular showerheads.

So, contrary same size rain shower heads use less water than regular shower heads, because regular shower heads usually have high pressure waterfall option.

Is There Eco-Friendly Rain Shower Head?

We all want to use rain showers because of its great appeal and luxury look but we often backdown. Because it spends a lot more water than regular shower heads and we can’t afford to spend that much water regularly and ethically.

For this there are some ECO-friendly rain shower heads those will spend a lot less water than regular rain shower systems. Meanwhile, will provide you the best feel, elegance and appeal for having real rainfall shower at your bathroom.

End Words

Luxury is not something we can always have. Luxury rain showers are many people’s dream and you can’t always have the shower tower panel or shower system.

Therefore, heck out our list of top rated rain showers and you can find the best according to your budget. No need to hurry, first make a list of your requirements.

Then fix a budget accordingly. The last part is choosing the best rain shower head according to your budget and requirements. Then you can enjoy rainfall shower everyday anytime you want.