Best Tankless Water Heater

We spent one week researching about the best tankless water heater. Subsequently, we declare that EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is the best we can get in the current inventory of various premium quality tankless heaters. We researched and considered various types of tankless heaters for fast hot water.

What is a Tankless or On-Demand Water Heater

Tankless water heaters use electric or gas powered burners to heat water as the water runs in the pipe of heat exchanger. You can also call them on-demand water heater. These heaters directly deliver water to the shower or faucet or tub.

There is no need for a tank to store water. These heaters use electricity or gas as energy and they are energy efficient too. Tankless heaters cost 22% less power than typical tanked heaters.

If you use less than 40 gallons water, then tankless heater is best for you. It can save $50-$100 per year based on electric or gas powered on demand water heater. These heaters have longer life than regular tanked heaters.

Takes low to no space and installing it anywhere is possible. In addition, you will get hot water anytime you want. Most importantly, You don’t have to wait for hot water, just start the heater and you will get hot water.

Top 10 Tankless Water Heaters Comparison Chart

Comparing different types of on demand hot water heaters is a difficult job. Furthermore, many will not agree with our evaluation too. But, we just did it. We make a top 10 list of this. You may agree with us or not.

However, this list doesn’t mean, any of these heaters will be good or bad for you. Therefore, first you make sure what your requirements are, then buy the best one based on your requirements and evaluation.

ImageNamePowerFlow RateConnectionsColorCertification
1EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water HeaterEcoSmart ECO 27Electric6 GPM3/4'' NPTWhiteUL & CSA
2Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water HeaterTakagi T-KJr2-IN-NGNatural Gas6.6 GPM3/4'' NPTWhiteENERGY STAR
3PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water HeaterPrecisionTemp RV-550Propane1 GPM3/4'' NPTWhiteNone
4Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V 24 kW Tempra 24 Plus Tankless Whole House Electric Water HeaterStiebel Eltron 224199Electric5 GPM3/4" NPTAshCertified
5Rheem RTG-64DVLN Prestige Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water HeaterRheem RTG-64DVLNNatural Gas6.4 GPM3/4" NPTAshENERGY STAR
6Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Tankless Low NOx Propane Water HeaterRinnai V65EPPropane6.6 GPM3/4" NPTWhiteNone
7Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water HeaterBosch Tronic 3000 TElectric2.5 GPM1/2" NPTWhiteNone
8Sio Green IR260 POU Electric Tankless Water HeaterSio Green IR260Electric1.5 GPM1/2" NPTWhiteNone
9Eccotemp FVI-12 Liquid Propane, 3.5 GPM, Tankless High Capacity Water HeaterEccotemp FVI12-LPPropane3.5 GPM1/2" NPTWhiteGAMA/UL
10gasFlex Excel Pro Tankless NATURAL GAS Whole House Water HeatergasFlex Excel ProNatural Gas6.6 GPM3/4" NPTWhiteSGS

Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Finding the best tankless heater wasn’t easy for us. We from the Duly Reviewed team were confused making our decision to get the best rated tankless heater. Then we came to understand that we can certainly choose one as the best tankless water heater.

However, we couldn’t ignore other top rated tankless heaters also. There are mainly two types of tankless on demand water heaters, electric and gas powered.

Certainly, electric heaters are better but there are some good quality gas powered tankless heaters. Those are better than many top rated tankless electric water heaters.

So, we listed the best quality tankless electric water heater along with the best quality tankless gas water heater. We also included the best RV tankless water heater into our list because ignoring this type can be a huge mistake.

The best on demand water heater for RV or portable water heater is popular on the market. Moreover, their popularity and use are increasing day by day. So, we have listed these 3 types of heaters reviews for instant hot water.

Similarly, we also listed some other best rated on demand water heaters reviews. This will give you enough option to choose from. The best one will satisfy all your requirements and conditions.

Best Rated Heaters

There are many types, sizes and features available when choosing the best tankless heater. You can’t just choose the top rated on demand water heater as the best heater.

We have to consider all the features including power consumption, effectiveness, speed, guarantee, cost etc in mind. It will help you find the most suitable tankless on demand hot water heaters for the money.

We choose 3 best rated tankless heaters, 1 for each type of on demand water heater. Tankless heaters are expensive so we recommend you carefully understand your need and requirements before making a decision.

Also, installing tankless heater requires expert hand so do it yourself if you are not confident about your installing ability. Therefore, you should hire an expert or professional for installing your tankless heater on your water line.

Best Overall Tankless Electric Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 27

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We choose the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Water Heater as our best electric tankless on demand water heater. Most importantly, for its extraordinary features and effectiveness.

This tankless heater is most suited for northern part of US where the average temperature is around 37°F. It can produce about 3 gallons of hot water per minute. Enough to run 2 showers at a time.

If you wish to use it in the southern part of US where the average temperature is high. Then it can produce 6 gallons of hot water per minute, enough for running 4 showers and a sink at a time.

Subsequently, it is a great fit large home and small hotels. For either norther part or southern part, you will never run out of hot water using this EcoSmart ECO 27 Heater.

Its temperature control is awesome and you can set and increment the temperature by 1 degree at a time. This digital temperature control system can operate with range of 80°F to 140°F enough for healthy bath.

EcoSmart ECO 27 will reduce energy cost by 50% because of its unique technology. Tanked water heater requires a lot of space. However, using this tankless electric heater will save a lot of space.

Because, it is wall mounted and will take tiny space on your wall. This energy saving best rated tankless electric water heater can fit with the standard 3/4 inch NPT pipe.

In addition, you will require 3 sets of 8 AWG wires to set it. EcoSmart ECO 27 CSA certified water heater has 99.8% electric efficiency.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Water Heater will require 240V electric power with 112.5 A current and it will cost 27 KW per hour. This extremely powerful and effective water heater comes with lifetime warranty.

Editor’s Picks (Electric)

BOSCH WH17 Tronic 6000

BOSCH WH17 Tronic 6000

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Not always we get what we need. In other words, you should choose carefully. However, if you pick BOSCH WH17 Tronic 6000 for on demand hot water then you picks the perfect one. It is one of the best tankless water heater that runs by electricity.

Gas powered heaters are handy. Moreover they take extra space for the gas tank too. However, electric heaters are simple to add with your water connection as well with electric connection.

BOSCH WH17 Tronic 6000 uses 7 KW electricity to provide constant hot water always. Moreover, it is energy efficient and works for many years without trouble. After that, it comes with 5 years heating module warranty. However for parts, the warranty is 2 years.

The whole installation process is easy. And you can install it anywhere with any water connection of your house or office. The heater has heat proof polymer enclosure. In addition, it also has pre-installed flow sensor. Therefore, you will get constant temperature control and fixed temperature hot water all the time.

Further, this heater works perfectly with low water pressure. That is to day, you need only 5 PSI water flow to let it works finely. Moreover, it has a flow rate of 1.6 GPM to 2.3 GPM based on the temperature set.

In other words, you can run 1-3 water output at a time. Above all, BOSCH WH17 Tronic 6000 has superior temperature control and stability using the temperature controlling knob. It produces least amount of stand by water loss while maintaining more than 97% efficiency all the time.

ECOTOUCH ECO55 Electric On Demand Hot Water Heater


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Another best rated tankless electric water heater is the ECOTOUCH ECO55. This heater will produce instant hot water with consistency. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about temperature up down or preheating before hot water. In addition, it will ensure hot water over 116℉ or more in no time.

ECOTOUCH ECO55 can produce 1.5 GPM hot water. In other words, its good for sinks or faucets. Moreover, if you have low flow shower with less than 1.5 GPM, then you can also connect it too. However, it is specifically built for sinks only. So, avoid using it for shower.

That is to say, it works according to water flow and temperature settings. For example, if the water flow is low then it will consume less electricity while maintaining the temperature. Similarly, if the temperature is low same rule applies.

ECOTOUCH ECO55 is 98% energy efficient comparing with others. In addition, with its compact size, installing anywhere with water connection is possible. Moreover, with the smart touch control and digital display, you don’t have to set the temperature. The machine will do it.

Above all, the black unit comes with remote control. After that, controlling the device becomes much easier. ECOTOUCH always concerned about the safety and security. For instance, the water line and electric line are in two opposite position.

They also maintain other safety precautions. Moreover, their whole heater is highly durable and have better longevity. Standard 1/2″ NPT is good for this and you can set horizontally or vertically anywhere you want.

ECOTOUCH ECO55 requires 5.5 KW power supply with a voltage 240 V. However, if you have 120 V connection then it is not for you. For warranty, please ask the vendor before buying. They usually reply within hours.

Best Overall Tankless Gas Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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If you are looking for the best tankless gas water heater instead of the electric water heater? Then our pick is the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater. This is the best rated tankless gas on demand water heater.

It comes with 140,000 BTU of heat and work extremely well. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is a natural gas powered tankless heater that is best fit for indoor uses.

It can produce 6.6 gallon of hot water per minute, enough for running 4 showers and 2 sinks. This amount of water is enough to run acrylic bathtub and other types bathtubs.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG will require 4 inch stainless steel category III venting. This water heater is equipped with inlet/outlet thermistors. That is to say, you can regularly monitor the water temperature and adjust if required.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is ECO-friendly and the best gas tankless heater for small home and apartment. It comes with 10 years warranty for heat exchanger and 5 years warranty for parts.

The warranty is only valid if the whole unit is installed by properly licensed or vendor approved technician. Also, you should buy this top rated heater from certified and authorized vendors only.

Editor’s Picks (Gas)

Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas

Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas

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No matter what the situation is Marey GA10LP will always prevail. In other words, instant on demand hot water whenever you need. Moreover, this heater costs 60% less electricity comparing with similar models.

Marey GA10LP has compact and portable design. After that, you can install it virtually anywhere within your house. Above all, this is more durable and rustproof. That ensures longer life and problem free run time.

Moreover, it operates without electricity so places without electric connection or power outage need this heater. You can easily control the temperature during getting unlimited hot water.

Marey GA10LP can provide hot waters for 2-3 sinks, faucets or showers at a time. However, you will need 2D battery along with a venting fan. Because these two items aren’t included with the package.

That is to say, it provides 115°F hot water with a water flow rate of 2.7 GPM. However, for the highest water flow rate 3.1 GPM with lower water temperature. With this GPM, you can easily connect it with shower panel or shower system. Marey GA10LP comes with 5 years warranty.

This is a liquid propane powered heater. The propane tank capacity is 10L. Marey is in business since 1955 and really reputable. In conclusion, we can say it is comparable with the best tankless water heater that is gas powered.

American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG

American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG

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Without a doubt American Standard is one of the top 10 Bathroom Accessories Brands in the US. Most importantly, they are highly trusted and reputable. Moreover all their products maintain high standard and superior quality.

American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG is a natural gas powered high quality tankless on demand water heating system. With 96% efficiency rating, it consumes less energy and save a lot. In other words, it provides hot water with less energy cost.

Above all, it has the ANSI z2.1.10.3 and csa 4.3 certifications. However, this heater is designed and manufactured for indoor use only. Moreover, it is wall mounted so you can’t install it on the floor.

American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG has primary heat exchanger along with a secondary one. Both are made of highly durable 304 stainless steel. Ensuring the safety and security for the heater and users.

Above all, it runs with both propane and natural gas. In other words, you have alternatives for power source. Moreover, it uses a combustion system that produces ultra low NOx and has a power level of 180,000 BTU.

Meanwhile, this tankless gas water heater has ETL and Energy Star certifications. American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG uses 14-55% less energy comparing with other heaters. Similarly, air ratio gas valve makes it more suiting.

This heater has 11 GPM water flow rate and it will produce hot water instantly and constantly. Most importantly, the package contains 6′ power cord, high temperature exhaust sensor, easy installation guide, water temperature sensors, flame sensor, overheating cut-off system and gas leak detector sensor.

Finally, the parts have 5 years warranty where the heat exchangers have 12 years condition warranty. In short we can confidently say that, American Standard TCWH180S-AS-NG is one of the best tankless gas water heaters.

Best Overall Portable Tankless Water Heater

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Water Heater

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Are you a RV fan and spend a lot of time with your RV? Then you will require a specifically designed water heater for your RV. Tanked water heaters are hassle for small spaced RV.

You will require a water heater that takes low to no space at all. It is better to find the best RV tankless water heater and the PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Heater is the best rated RV water heater you can get.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 is specifically designed and manufactured for RVs, small apartments and trailers. This wall vented tanless heater is easy to install and remove.

In other words, it is a perfect fit for your RV lifestyle. It will take half or less space than 10 gallon tank and that can save a lot of space in your RV.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 is highly energy efficient and will cost lowest amount of propane. Also it will require no pilot light.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 uses 1.5 Amp power normal times but uses 3 Amp if you activate the cold weather protection. It has built-in freeze protection option for all 4 seasons. However, you have to keep the gas supply and 12 Volt power supply on.

It can produce over 1 gallon of hot water per minute. This highly recommended RV water heater is fully assembled, tested and designed in US.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Heater is well suited for any sized trailers and RVs. This best RV heater comes with no defined warranty so you have to ask the vendor about warranty before buying this.

Editor’s Picks (Portable)

Gasland Outdoors BS318 3.18GPM 12L Propane

Gasland Outdoors BS318 3.18GPM 12L Propane

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Gasland is a giant for manufacturing high class outdoor activity products and accessories. Therefore, you can be sure of their Gasland Outdoors BS318 3.18GPM 12L Propane tankless water heater. It works fine for RV, outdoor cabin, rest house, camping etc.

Safety is a major concern for all types of water heater. However, Gasland heater comes with over heating protection, anti-freezing well protection and flame failure device protection. In addition, its water pressure regulating system is fully automatic. In other words, water pressure will adjust as needed between 3.8 PSI to 110PSI.

The heating protection system automatically kicked in if the temperature cross 167 °F threshold. Above all, its compact portable design makes it easy to carry and setup. Moreover, its operating system is simple and hassle free.

Comparing with whole house water heater, it has fairly smaller power output of 68,000 BTU. However, that is more than enough for any portable heater. It has an amazing hot water flow rate of 3.18 GPM but works with fully capacity with 2.64 GPM.

Similarly, it always provide instant on demand hot water without any delay. Moreover, you can adjust the water flow and temperature as you need. This heater has amazing track record for energy efficient. For instance, it cost 11% less energy comparing same features and power other brand heaters.

Most importantly, Gasland has a great team of experienced professionals for customer service. You can contact them by phone every business day within office hours and they will help you with anything they can. Please don’t forget, this amazing tankless portable water heater has 1 year warranty.

Camptemp Propane CP158 1.58GPM 6L

Camptemp Propane CP158 1.58GPM 6L

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Camptemp Propane CP158 is a great tankless portable hot water heater. Its great for outdoor use. For instance, you can wash your pet in the garden with the heater. Likewise, using it in boat, RV, motorhome, camping, hiking trips will make your life easier.

The whole package comes with an easy to understand installation and user manual. Certainly, with simple gadget knowledge, you can install it in minutes. Moreover, it is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere and install it.

Camptemp CP158 works fine with low water pressure. For example, it requires water pressure 2.5 PSI only to start and working perfectly. And it will produce 1.58 GPM hot water instantly. This heater runs by propane only and 41,000BTU is its maximum power but more than enough for you.

With all the installed safety devices, you can be safer with this. After that, Camptemp CP158 works fine with water pressure 2.25 PSI to 110PSI and temperature lowest 46.4℉ to highest 114.8℉. With its anti-freezing and over heating protection, it works fine in cold places and hot temperatures.

Camptemp CP158 is completely energy efficient and only run when you want. Otherwise, be idle without consuming any energy in idle period. Moreover, advanced technology of burner and heat exchanger costs lower amount propane than regulars.

However, you will need a Lithium Metal battery to run this along with 5 Feet hose. Finally, the package comes with a shower head along the water heater. With all these amazing features we can include this heater within our best tankless water heaters list.

Top Rated Heaters

Though, above 3 listed heaters are best among their tankless heater types. However, they are not the only high quality tankless heaters on the market. Likewise, there are many other top rated tankless heaters.

The below listed water heaters are tankless too. By no means, they are inferior to the above best rated water heaters. In addition, they have high quality features. Some are economical and most suitable too.

You should check the complete list and read the whole water heater’s reviews. Moreover, you must understand your requirements. After that, you will get what you want.

Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V 24 kW Tempra 24 Plus Tankless Whole House Electric Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V 24 kW Tempra 24 Plus Tankless Whole House Electric Water Heater

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Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V 24 kW Tempra 24 Plus Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater is one of the top rated tankless electric heaters.

Stiebel Eltron invented tankless water heating technology almost a century ago powered by electricity. This electric heater is silent, small and compact.

In other words, it will use no space at all comparing with tanked heaters. This water heater requires no venting and that is a huge plus.

Its Self-Modulating Power Technology ensures 99% energy efficiency. Moreover, it will only be active when you will need hot water. In addition, it has no power losses while being on standby.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra has Advanced Flow Control feature. For instance, you get constant temperature for hot water for your rain shower head and sinks along with other faucets.

Stiebel Eltron 224199 can produce 2.6 gallon hot water at 42°F and 5 gallon hot water at 72°F. It is less expensive than other best rated electric tankless water heaters.

Installing this electric water heater is easy because it requires no venting setting. This top rated electric tankless heater comes with 7 years leakage warranty in addition with 3 years warranty for parts.

Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Tankless Portable Water Heater

Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Tankless Portable Water Heater

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This is a great tankless water heater for RV and outdoor use. Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Portable Water Heater is lightweight and easy to carry.

For washing your pet or outdoor showers, there is no better tankless on demand water heater than this. Installing it on your RV is also easy. Great service life and constant hot water for RV.

As one of the best propane tankless heater it runs on 20 lb propane tank. It runs with 2 “D” cell batteries and comes with electric ignition.

Eccotemp L10 has a safety feature for automatic shut down. If it is tilted 45 degrees either side or runs longer than 20 minutes, it will automatically stop.

Eccotemp L10 can produce hot water with temperature range of 50-140 degree F and its water output is rated 2.6 GPM. You can connect this water heater with your rv shower head or garden hose easily.

This tankless portable RV water heater comes with necessary installation kits. This best rv tankless heater comes with 1 year product warranty.

Rheem RTG-64DVLN Prestige Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

Rheem RTG-64DVLN Prestige Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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If you are looking for the best tankless natural gas water heater then you can choose Rheem RTG-64DVLN Prestige Indoor Natural Gas Water Heater without further investigation.

It is one of the best indoor gas water heaters that runs on natural gas. This top rated natural gas tankless heater can produce 6.4 gallon hot water per minute.

This ultra low nox water heater uses direct vent setting for indoor use. The package comes with 10 feet long thermostat wire and remote control system.

Rheem RTG-64DVLN can produce 35 degree rise hot water than normal temperature. With EZ-Link cable, you can connect two of this best quality heaters and use them as one.

This water heater comes with 1-10 years limited warranty. The warranty vary based on different models, conditions and features.

Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GPM Indoor Tankless Low NOx Propane Water Heater

Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Tankless Low NOx Propane Water Heater

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There are various high quality and top rated tankless heaters those produce great result. And Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GPM Tankless Indoor Low NOx Propane Water Heater is one of them.

This ultra low nox tankless water heater runs on Propane . It is specifically built for indoor use. Rinnai V65EP produces 150,000 BTU max with 0.82 max power factor.

It fully meets the requirements for NOx Emissions Standards of Florida and California. Rinnai V65EP has compact setting and lightweight too. These features make its installation easy and smooth.

This best tankless Propane water heater has different periods of warranty for different parts. Rinnai V65EP comes with 1 year labor warranty, 5 years parts warranty and 10 years Heat Exchanger warranty.

When you have less electricity available and you need more hot water all the time, then it is your best choice. Propane powered water heaters are less faulty and have higher service life. In addition, it requires less care and servicing.

Bosch Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

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Though, Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater comes with mini tank. However it is still counted as one of the best tankless electric hot water heater.

It can produce 2.5 gallons of hot water per minute. This small electric water heater is good fit for sinks, small showers and small tubs.

On the other hand, not good enough for rain shower heads or regular sized bathtubs. This 120 V heater uses 12 A current.

Bosch Tronic Heater is easy to maintain meanwhile cleaning the small tank also easy. You can mount it on wall, shelf or floor, wherever you like. It requires dedicated cleaning without use any power scrubber.

Bosch Tronic Mini-Tank Water Heater has higher recovery rate. So, you don’t need to wait long for hot water. It is good enough for 2 sinks at a time.

This top rated electric mini tank water heater is good for indoor use. Bosch Tronic comes with 2 years parts warranty and 6 years heater and tank warranty.

Sio Green IR260 POU Electric Water Heater

Sio Green IR260 POU Electric Heater

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Sio Green IR260 POU is another top rated tankless electricity powered heater. It runs with 220-240 V and 10-30 A electricity or 6 KW power.

Moreover, it is eco-friendly and use less electricity than others. In other words, you will get enough hot water with a cost less than other types of heaters.

Sio Green IR260 will produce hot water in no time with its high technology and fast water boiling system. It uses patented and unique technology that requires no metal coil to heat the water.

This Sio Green IR260 will produce no calcium buildup, limescale deposit or corrosion. So, you need no replacement parts or filters and your maintenance cost will low down to $0.

Moreover, this top quality tankless heater comes with 2 years money back guarantee or free replacement without asking any question. You can set this best rated water heater almost anywhere you want.

This can be used as a portable water heater or tankless heater for RV. You can also use it as a worthy alternative for electric hot water shower or add it with your tub.

Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane, 3.5 GPM, Tankless High Capacity Water Heater

Eccotemp FVI-12 Liquid Propane, 3.5 GPM, Tankless High Capacity Water Heater

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As one of the top rated tankless gas hot water heater Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane, 3.5 GPM, Tankless High Capacity Water Heater has great capacity and features.

This water heater will only be active when used. Eccotemp FVI-12 makes it energy saver and cost effective. It runs on liquid propane.

It can produce hot water with 3.5 GPM and its enough for whole house tankless water heater. Eccotemp FVI-12 produces low noise and it has really compact size and design.

Its digital temperature display is simple and easy to understand. Great for small sized home or apartment.

With its electronic ignition system 120 V power supply option, it is safer than many other tankless gas water heaters with similar features.

You can use it to fill your inflatable hot tub with hot water in a few minutes. The Eccotemp FVI-12 Water Heater comes with additional parts and 2 years limited warranty.

gasFlex Excel Pro Tankless NATURAL GAS Whole House Water Heater

gasFlex Excel Pro Tankless NATURAL GAS Whole House Water Heater

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gasFlex Excel Pro Tankless NATURAL GAS Whole House Water Heater comes with modern technology and features. Comparing with other top level tankless natural gas water heater models, it works better than them.

This high quality tankless gas water heater runs by natural gas. It can produce hot water of 6.6 GPM speed, enough for whole house use.

You can run 4 sinks, 2 showers and 2 bathtubs at a time with 6.6 GPM. It has SGS certification. This copper made tankless gas water heater needs 110 V electric connection.

In addition, it is safer than many others. gasFlex Excel Pro can heat the water upto 35 degree F instantly so you will never run out of hot water.

The whole package contains necessary parts and it has a 2-6 years limited warranty for parts and heaters.

As the best whole house tankless natural gas water heater you can compare gasFlex Excel Pro any other heaters and still choose it.

Thermoflow Elex 3.5 Tankless Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater

Thermoflow Elex 3.5 Tankless Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater

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We will end our list of best tankless water heaters with the Thermoflow Elex 3.5 Tankless Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater. Great for instant hot water for low quantity.

This is a small tankless electric portable water heater best suitable for single sink or faucet. It produces hot water with a speed of 0.5 GPM enough for a sink.

Thermoflow Elex will save around 60% cost for hot water. Moreover, it will produce unlimited hot water with 0.5 GPM speed as long as you need from the first minute.

It uses 220-240 V, 17 A current and 3.5 KW power and 90 PSI nominal pressure. If you have all these then you can buy this high quality tankless small electric water heater.

Thermoflow Elex comes with required spare parts and 2 years seller warranty. The warranty will start from the day you bought this tankless compact electric water heater.

This powerful but less expensive electric heater not only saves a lot of energy but it will save money too. Thermoflow Elex 3.5 only provides hot water when you ask for it. Therefore, it will not spoil hot water or energy while being idle.

It is only 1.8 lb, that means easy to carry and setup. Moreover, it fits well with standard 1/2 inch NPT, that means you can set it with current water pipelines.

Like other similar heaters it comes with certain conditions to work perfectly. Firstly, make sure the device is full of water before starting it. Secondly, make sure the water pressure is 7.3 PSI or more. Finally and most importantly, please read the complete user manual and installation manual before using or installing it.

End Words

We have listed here all the best tankless heaters based on their product specifications and customer reviews. Before you choose any best tankless electric water heater, you should check your electric connection options and other requirements.

If you choose to buy the best tankless gas water heater, you should make sure you have enough space and security and electric option for a tankless gas heater. Read complete guide for tankless hot water heater.

For RV or portable or compact tankless heater, make sure you choose the best tankless rv water heater otherwise you may face many difficulties in the near future.

Whichever you choose, you must consult with a professional. Therefore, the professional can instruct you which water heater is best for you both economically and practically based on your requirements and needs.